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Experienced Mistress Active in RL Fetish Scene

Experienced Mistress Olivia fetish lifestyle 1-800-601-6975Lifestyle Mistress

I *play* in the fetish scene in real life.  In person BD/sm play has the same elements of fetish scene negotiation and power exchange as a scene face to face.  In this way, there is NO difference between lifestyle BDsm and fantasy kink play.

As this delightful graphic from slave pet shows, I refer to myself as a lady in the living room, a chef in the kitchen and a (fill in the blank) in the bedroom.  Actually, I should say more about that so I’ll post those comments when I add this image to the page for slave pet artwork.

I’m away this weekend because I’m going to a fetish event/play party.  When I mentioned my schedule, I got a great question in a blog comment from magnus.

Real Life Partner of the Experienced Mistress

I do have a real life partner;  I’ve written about him here on the blog before.  Magnus is curious and wanted to know:

Magnus asks, “How much playing do You do on Your own vs with Your guy at these type of parties? I don’t mean You’re going by Yourself. I mean once You arrive. If that’s not an okay question, not a problem, but this post and follow on (oh so hot) comment made me curious.”

Questions for the Experienced Mistress

ALWAYS feel free to ask me anything.  I have very good boundaries and I’ll tell you if I don’t want to answer.  I’m known as Mistress Direct!  ~laughs~  This question from Magnus has sparked my interest so I’ll answer it in a series of blogs to keep YOU amused while I’m being naughty elsewhere!  ~grinz~

Real Life Play

My primary play partner in face to face settings IS my personal partner … so YES, Magnus, I DO play with him at these fetish events.  He is my male submissive at these events.  I’ll get into specifics in the next series of blog posts so keep reading so I’ll answer your question and more!  ~smiles~

Ms Delia will be Available this Weekend

Let me also say that I know several Mistresses here.  Ms Delia is also a real life Mistress who is active in her fetish community in face to face play parties.  She is a wicked and wonderful play partner and I speak from personal experience!  She WILL be here while I’m away.  Her personal life partner, Jack, wants to get on the phone with you.  WOAH!  Super HOTNESS!  And here’s the scoop on getting your session with Ms Delia and Jack.

Ms Olivia


4 comments to Experienced Mistress Active in RL Fetish Scene

  • swimmer

    Ms O, it would be such a thrill to play with You RT or even see You while we played. Keep these types of posts cumming please please

    • olivia

      You’ve GOT it swimmer! That question from magnus has me *inspired* and typing away. Of course, I’m fired up beyond all measure for this fetish event weekend. I live in the polar vortex and so the snow has meant private play parties….but there’s nothing quite like being a BIG GROUP of fired up kinksters! ~laughs~

  • k,n, & e

    Thank You for sharing such wonderful insight on Your plans for the weekend. i do look forward to You sharing more about it and Your lifestyle with us here.

    As for the graphic, i think there needs to be an additional phrase, Her Supreme Highness in the Dungeon, for what it’s worth from my perspective.

    As for Ms Delia and Jack… The only thing missing would be You! (mind monkeys on the rampage) Might that be an item You would consider adding to Your menu choices as a special entree’ selection option on my strict diet?