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Straight talk about your small penis

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Do you have a small penis?

Honey, if you have to ask if penis size matters then you undoubtedly have a small penis.

Seriously, YOUR penis size doesn’t matter because I’ve got real men around me.  I get what I need no matter what you have.  And, make no mistake about it….guys with small cocks are useful to a Mistress.

Ass and pussy worship

When you’ve got a small cock, then you DO have to *try harder* because you’re not going to GET any bigger!  ~laughs~  You are perfect for body worship.  Oh don’t get your hopes up, I don’t worship YOU, silly!  YOU will be taught how to worship me….and I might have you on ass and pussy worship detail.  Want to HEAR the details?  Hmmmmm?  I thought so and made this free erotic audio about ass and pussy worship.

What is a size Queen?

Like many beautiful women, this Experienced Mistress is a size Queen.  That means I do have minimum standards for cock size if I’m going to let you fuck me.  I am picky! And yes, penis size does matter!   But, since you asked your question so nicely you can read my full answer on the Dear Mistress page when I answer:  Does size matter?

submissive AND small dick

If you have a small dick and submissive tendencies, then we are both in for a treat!  You don’t have to have tiny cock to be a submissive, but if you do, it sure does increase my options!  ~laughs~  If you think you might be interested in BDsm and have some submissive tendencies, then you should check out one man’s submissive journey and follow my reports on the paces he will submit to his Mistress.

Tell me about you.  How did you feel while reading the blog post and …. NOW …. what do you want to do about it?  ~grinz~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia




22 comments to Straight talk about your small penis

  • jim

    Penis size is a fascinating topic to me. I sort of had felt some time back like what else is there to say about it. To be honest I feel like I keep learning about it – weird. I never used to “connect” penis size to submissiveness and I am sure it does not work that way all the time. One thing that I have nearly just discovered is that it can be “exciting” to me when a girl/woman tells me or asks me to do something for her – an errand, a chore a whatever – and somehow seems to connect her request/demand to the issue of penis size. It’s this weird visceral feeling of “excitement” that I need to or can do something for her. It seems nearly absurd that it feels so real. Like a woman can have me carry something or get something for her or do a more extreme errand or favor and somehow it is sexually exciting to be asked/told! I have read about how smaller guys feel like they “need to please” in other ways. It’s just odd for that to feel so real. And, when a girl makes it sort of “explicit” – even if in a subtle way – it sort of connects me to her. If that makes sense?

    • olivia

      *nods* oh that sure DOES make sense! Did you know that I feel the same way? My version of it of course…..but there’s always two sides to the power exchange coin and the best coins are equal but opposite! Does that make sense to you?

      • jim

        I think I see what you are saying. Not positive. That for you it is also satisfying or gratifying (the flip side) if you know a male is somewhat underendowed and then having him do something, a chore, whatever, something that connects to his stature feels right to you? It feels like there to me is this “acknowledgement” if a woman “directs” me in this way. I guess it is the feeling of it that is so deep. It is like her acknowledging the truth in you……or something.

        • olivia

          ~smiles~ Ohhhhhh there ARE things for an underendowed man to do……LOTS of things! ~smiles~ This is the alternate world of kink …. if you’re small then you already know some things aren’t in your sexual future….but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be in a relationship with all kinds of fun for you both! You’re articulating part of that relationship and doing a very good job! Thanks for your comment! ~smiles~

  • Peter

    would that include chastity? Such as locking me up?

  • Peter

    Ms Melanie has me on day 25 in chastity. There is no end in site. She has my skin soft and smooth and me wearing bra,panty everyday. I want to play with my self and get off but I can’t. chastity is difficult but she’s to hot to resist. Its ok because she has control over me and she will tell everyone that I wear women’s clothes so I can’t complain. She locked me after very first ever call. I had yoga pants, ankle boots on, bra on under my button down shirt while she caught me at Victoria’s secret. I had blush, perfume, lotions, lipstick on. I didn’t think she would notice but she did:-(. She took me to dressing room made me strip down to bra/panty and said I looked so cute and adorable. She said my body was so petite and girlish. She then had me wear pumps and size 6 sheath dress. She then gave me lipstick kisses got me off. She had tote bag and took out chastity. She locked me up. That was 25 days ago and I’m still locked up with no end or release in site:-(

  • Whack Off Boy

    This will always be a much debated topic lol.

    I think in the long run an average size of 5.5 – 6 inches and 4 to 5 inch girth will always be better overall (in my opinion)- all pleasure and no pain.

    The main reason I think this is because there is more pressure on a bigger guy to be better in bed, (therefore less pressure for a smaller guy) A smaller or average guy could go into any sexual encounter and think “hey she already thinks I’m gonna suck anyway compared to a bigger guy, so I can just enjoy this experience for myself, give oral the best i can and maybe use a vibe as well as penetration”

    The bigger guy could do the same and give overall better sex, but on the other hand he could go into the encounter and think “yeah I’m really big so I just have to lie here and not do much) a bigger cock has more risk of hitting the cervix too.

    I think everyone will agree that bigger dicks look more appealing to the eye, and this is why women “think” that a bigger size will be better, because they are already turned on by the visual.

    Medically speaking most women cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation (no man on the planet vibrates, so were all screwed lol) also the vagina only has nerve endings in the first 4 inches (due to giving birth) imagine how much more painful it would feel getting a baby out with nerve endings all the way deep into the vagina!

    So I think maybe penetration is pleasure for men and clitoral stimulation is for women. Therefore average in the long run is better than big.

    • olivia

      Hmmmmmmm…..that’s an interesting take on things whack off boy! thank you so much for your comment! There’s the physical *stuff* of sex like you’ve described (nerve endings and such) …. and then there’s the more individual and quirky *emotional* side of arousal that doesn’t have a lot to do with *reality* as such. Personally I get aroused by a nice sized hard/thick cock and 5 inches (the average and 1 inch longer then your distance for nerve endings) just doesn’t *do* it for me. Maybe not physically logical but much of arousal, stimulation and then erotic experience happens in the brain long before the body is engaged (so to speak).
      That’s just my take on things …. bigger really IS better ~smiles~

  • Whack Off Boy

    This is what I mean in a nicer layout lol

    Everyone is different of course so each to their own

    • olivia

      ~laughs~ I see what you mean whack off boy …. and that article is written for vanilla women who are willing to ‘settle’ for one (usually monogamous) relationship. Totally different audience. You’re right, de gustibus non est disputandum certainly applies here! ~grinz~

  • peterteasetoy

    Seeing your picture made my cock bigger Ms. Olivia! *adjusts erection*

  • John Q

    Thank you for this blog Mistress,

    I especially took interest in your “Does size matter” link. Not that I didn’t already know your mind on the matter but my reading it … you writing it … suits our respective sides of the coin, doesn’t it?

    Two sides of the coin makes sense to me Mistress. Your “version of it” is such a close mirror image match to my own.

    Interesting, I experience exactly what Jim said … when a woman makes it explicit even if subtle it connects me to her. I recognize this now as a form of submission. Total shift of power. She’s happy to be on her way out the door due to a failing of mine while I’m left with a heightened sense of her sexy nature and an insatiable ache to be with her … to please her.

    Kinda becomes inevitable, doesn’t it? My being drawn to you. I’m so in need of pleasing you Mistress. Hoping you’ll teach me more and let me try again Saturday morning …


    • olivia

      Oh yes on that total shift of power comment! TRUE dat!
      Power exchange really IS an experience in and of itself …. no matter HOW the mechanics of the exchange are created and then played out, it’s the power exchange that is thrilling to BOTH sides of that same coin.

  • Hi,
    Yep. I think it matters. If your gonna play then then I think size is fair game.
    So, as leverage in the power exchange?! All’s fair game in war and sex. Haha. 😀

    • olivia

      Good one Jenni! All is fair in sex …. and the fairer sex does hold the power! *points down* HERE is the good, good! ~grinz~

  • John Q

    Well, Sheeeesk Mistress,

    I thought I’d browse your blog a bit this late night. You know?, just looking for a little amusement before turning in. Now, just a few well chosen words of yours have me literally aching for your company!

    Tina Turner asks “what’s love got to do with it?” I’d also suggest that nerve endings and such don’t have much to do with it either … seems to me. I mean, they do … but the organ that really counts is way up north, IMO.

    Here’s my question though. People say guys can’t think straight when all the blood rushes south to the “other head.” I get that, but really, shouldn’t that only apply to guys with … You know? … real ones? By that logic, guys like me should be immune to the seductive machinations of sexy women like you! It’s just not fair!

    Not that there is anyone else like you … 😉

    I hope all is well in your world. Can’t wait to resume our connection and my therapy Mistress!


    • olivia

      ~laughs~ Good one! 🙂 Ohhhhhh, Mistress knows how to make sure that you are NOT immune …. because your (…ahem) therapy is going quite well. ~sweet smile~ Ms Oh-oh-oh!