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Pretty girlfriend and the superior man: cuckold stories

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Here’s a cuckold story about your pretty girlfriend.  I met her at the gym.  She goes to the gym a lot that is why she has that hot body.  Oh, you’re kinda cute in a wimpy, soft sort of way.  You have that beta male vibe … all sensitive and new age and … well, wimpy.

Women say that want a sensitive guy

You’ve probably heard women say, “I want a sensitive guy.”  When women get together you might hear them talk about what a great guy so and so is.  Ohhh, he buys me flowers.  He’s so attentive to my moods and needs.  He kneels in front of me and gives me a foot rub every night.   We like beta males.  We like submissive men.  Really, we do.  BUT ……  think about the origin of the word cuckold.

Beta male in the bedroom?

Most women love having a sensitive guy in our life.  And, I’m no exception.  Neither is your pretty girlfriend that I know from the gym.  While we’re in the locker room I casually ask her what you are like in the sack.  She just shrugs and looks away.  She doesn’t meet my gaze as she mumbles, “Okay I guess.  He’s a … you know … a sensitive guy.”

Sensitive guy versus Alpha Male

I start really talking to your hot girlfriend.  While we say we want a sensitive guy in public (and tell you that) what we don’t tell you is we actually want a hot, virile man in the bedroom.  As we talk, I point out that your girlfriend could actually have it ALL.  You know, have the sensitive guy AND the Alpha Male with the big cock, heavy balls and fucking hot attitude.  In short, she CAN have both – she just needs to cuckold you and find a hot manly man who is everything you, her boyfriend, is not.

Done right, you will accept the cuckold life

I tell her, if she does it right you will not only accept the cuckold lifestyle but you will be thrilled to be her cuckold.

Want to hear exactly what I tell your ‘woman’?

Ms Olivia

10 comments to Pretty girlfriend and the superior man: cuckold stories

  • mike

    Fantastic! Yes!! You truly do get this. I am the beta sensitive type. I too recognize that I am a cuckold and a submissive at heart. It is wonderful to see a written recognition of this same thing I know to be true, by a Mistress like you 🙂

    • olivia

      Oh yes, this dynamic is true … after all, I live it so I know! ~smiles~ The beta male submissive is useful, just not for sex! ~grinz~

  • Jim


    When I first heard the term “cuckold”, not all that long ago, I thought it was a bit “extreme” – maybe the stuff of “hard core” SM play. But I have always been the “sensitive guy” and as I look back I often found myself in the “friend” relationship with girls I was totally attracted to but could not “approach”. Many of them dated other guys and would even talk to me openly about the guys they dated (anytime that happens it is like the worst because I always felt like I sort of had to “pretend” that I myself was not totally interested – now I wonder if they knew different). Now I think that girls do think in terms of some men being bigger, stronger, more eligible etc. etc. As a guy you have to sort of “accept” it and try enjoy whatever “role” you have – otherwise you have to leave. Quite a few years ago I was visiting such a female friend at her Boston apt and she herself had a female friend over. She and I had no sexual relationship at all and never had (hope as I might). At one point she asked me to run out and get some wine as she and her friend wanted some. I agreed. As I got my keys I heard her say to her friend (and this is a quote) – “The small ones are always so compliant”. They both cracked up. (I am 6 foot – I knew she was not talking about my height). It totally “stung” me at the time (I said nothing) but as I look back I also sort of wanted that connection with her – whatever it took. It is not exactly “cuckolding” but maybe related as you are sort of accepting a submissive position with a female as it is all you can get in that particular situation?

    • olivia

      *nods* you are exactly right …. you can be a cuckold without being submissive per se and you can be a enjoy being cuckolded whether or not you have a small penis …. kinky fetish play isn’t one size fits all. BUT, in your case, let me tell you something. I can usually tell if a guy has a small penis and I hesitate to even call something small a cock! If I can tell he has a small penis then I will often do something like that girl did with you to sort of *see* a couple things: 1. if he’s submissive and 2. will he obey (or in her words, be compliant). ~laughs~ Oh yeah!

  • John Q


    It’s very scary to “sensitive” guys like me to know that alpha women like you can so easily make such a convincing case for cuckolding. Reading your blog, it seems you love having the conversation … and that you’re very good at it.

    Do you realize how hard for some of us to even get to first base? I’ve dated many hot women. They like me, that much I’m sure of. But they just don’t consider me bed material. I’m well heeled, not bad looking and generally a pretty good dinner date. But it usually stops at dinner. Like you’ve previously stated, a woman can usually tell when a guy doesn’t have what it takes.

    The few experiences I’ve had that actually made it to the bed didn’t work out very well at all. I guess they were trying to be nice but … well, I did the best I could with what I’ve got. Most women say something nice like, “it’s not you, it’s me.” A few are flat out honest in expressing their disappointment. Either way, it doesn’t take a genius to know what the problem is.

    And another thing that bugs me! Like the guy above mentioned, why are we so compliant? So often I find myself doing all kinds of things for hot women that I have no chance with. I’m sure they laugh about it with their lovers but like a complete fool I’m compliant. It’s like just the chance to look into her eyes is enough. It’s not enough, but for some of us it’s all we can hope for.

    I know. I’m whining. Well, you try going soooo long without being laid, finally have a chance with a hot lady and then read that there are sexy alpha women such as yourself that make a sport of cuckolding guys like me. You’d whine too.

    I was hoping you could help me with my hot new girlfriend but I don’t know. Do you think you could? I certainly wouldn’t want you to explain cuckolding to her.

    Love you Mistress … Your devoted Q

    • olivia

      ~laughs~ Your hot new girlfriend and I are good friends and I’ll be *helping* your relationship ~giggles~ oh yeah, I’m in a helping kind of profession. tee heeeeee

  • John Q

    Um … What do you mean, “good friends?” Mistress? What do you mean? This one is really special to me. I love her. You’re friends? No, that’s not possible. You can’t be friends. No! Just NO.

    Oh god! I’m feeling ill. How long have you two been friends? This isn’t funny at all. omg, meeting her wasn’t an accident was it?

    I don’t know what to do. Really, you two are friends? You’re just kidding, right? You’re not kidding are you? Oh god, please be kidding. She’s my whole world. She has me wrapped around her little finger. So do you. Mistress, I think I’m having a meltdown here. You two aren’t friends … right Mistress?

    Your devoted Q

    • olivia

      Oh Q, she can STILL be your whole world! In fact, that’s what I told her the other day. SHE will be your whole world …. BUT, just because a woman is a cuckold’s whole world it doesn’t mean he will be HER whole world. She’s learning very quickly.

  • John Q

    Mistress Olivia,

    Please … ((( I’ll put this blog comment and my reply in a future blog post. I must say, you give wonderful YEARNING and that makes me smile!)))

    Still, helplessly your devoted Q

    Soon to be calling again. Sorry it has taken me so long …