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sissy lingerie shopping assignment

Ms Olivia sissy lingerie pink pantiesValentine’s sissy lingerie

You have a very good reason to do this lingerie shopping assignment right now.  Valentine’s Day is coming up and you can go shopping!  What femme girl doesn’t love shopping?  ~laughs~  I know I do and I know you do too! ~smiles~  After all, I do love finding the perfect pair of sissy panty items for your naughty closet!

Feminization and panties

When you are coming to me for sissification or feminization, I will ask you a couple questions.  When talking about sissy clothing I will always ask what KIND of sissy are you?  You can be a prissy sissy wearing a lovely super lacy femme party dress!  You can be a slutty sissy with glossy pink cock sucking lips — oh you know you’re a naughty sissy then!  You can be so many different kinds of sissies!  When I know you, then I can pick out the best feminine clothing for you.

Lingerie shopping idea

I have LOTS of shopping ideas and I get lots of feminization shopping ideas from you.  Actually, I think it’s the most fun when we go shopping together.  Let’s add to your sissy lingerie AND have some delightful fun together!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

20 comments to sissy lingerie shopping assignment

  • Goddess Olivia:

    Longtime no talk to. How have you been and are now. You were gone for such a long long time.
    As for shopping, it is my favorite thing to do ever, either with someone else or by myself. As you know I love sexy ultra feminine lingerie because it fits my personality to a tee and makes the boys sit up and pay attention if you know what I mean. The girls at Victoria’s Secret know me by name and have always been happy to assist me with my purchases. What would make the experience special in my mind is if you and I could go together as girlfriends to pick out our attire for a sensual double date with two hot and beautiful studs. However, since we can not actually go shopping together if you would care to direct me as to what you would like for me to purchase by picking items out on the VS website and send me pictures or item numbers with descriptions and color choices I would be more than extatic to follow through with your instructions.

    Thank you,
    Crystal Ryan

    • Olivia

      Hello there dear crystal! I was only gone for a couple months but all the renovations are done now and I’m very excited! YOU m’dear have fantastic taste in pretty feminine and ultra sexy clothes! I’d love to go shopping with you!

  • Mistress Amber

    I absolutely love to shop and get so excited turning sissy gurls into shopping whores like me! Every pretty sissy needs something delicate and pretty BUT never ignore that wicked, sinful side that craves black lace and all the naughty trimmings! They need plenty of that, too. What fun it is to take sissies under our wing and show them all the fun of being beautiful!

  • Valentine’s Day sissy shopping is SUCH a great idea, Ms. Olivia!

    I love shopping and sharing girl talk with naughty crossdressers and sissies! It is SO much fun to pick out the perfect pink or red outfit. Whether she is a delicate and pretty sissy or a fuckable sluttly cock whore, the outfit can make it perfect!



  • Of course you ask the wisest questions, Ms. Olivia! What kind of sissy is a very good question, and I wonder how many of your new sissies can answer that? I challenge all sissies to give this a lot of thought, as we Mistresses need to know! 🙂

  • plenty o cum

    Is glossy pink you fav color for a sissy to suck cock with?

  • John Q


    Thank you for yet another great call. Thank you for helping me with my problem.

    I did it, Mistress. I’m not a big brave guy, you know that. But after passing the entrance at least 5 times I finally went in and found myself face to face with a Victoria’s Secret sales girl. I stammered around but looked down and managed to tell her I was there to buy a pair of panties for my lover. Well, I might not understand women very well but I could read the “yeah, right” look on her face just as plain as day. Well, it IS possible. I wanted to tell her that Mistress. It’s possible. I could have a lover. I really wanted to tell her that, but I couldn’t.

    I do have a girlfriend after all. So why was it so hard for her to believe I have a lover? I mean what? Is it tattooed on my forehead? How do they all just seem to know?

    Well, that threw me but I did get a pair. No, not a pair of those! A pair of panties. In fact I got 3 pair because they were cheaper that way. I mean, I can add, you know.

    She slid them into the bag with a smirk and I scurried out of there.

    John Q

    • Olivia

      ~laughs~ I just BET she had a smirk … I mean, you’re a great guy and all …. BUT, well you know I’m being honest with you when I say that the lil guys, the BETA males, just have that beta vibe! Just saying what’s true there.

  • Emily

    I want to be taken on a shopping trip !

  • Sissy David

    Oh you think it´s just good around Valentines Day to shop panties. Or you think i can be needing to get a shopping tour right now? To get a new look for my undies? :)Even if i´m now totaly in panties 24/7..

    • Olivia

      Oh YES Valentine’s Day is awesome … but there are lots of panty and lingerie sales all the time. And, every sissy girl learns to watch the sales! ~laughs~ This way you get more panties for the same amount of money and what girl doesn’t love a bargain?!?

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