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Three Things You Need to Know if You are a Cross-dresser

Listen to me read you this cross-dresser blog post.

There are a lot of things to explore if you’re a cross-dresser.  You will have a wonderful time on your journey.  Here are my top three things I will want to know about you before our first phone call.crossdresser sissy Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

First:  What do you like to wear and do when you’re dressed en femme?  If you’re unsure where to start with your cross-dresser wardrobe, check out the beginner’s guide to cross-dressing.  Most girly girls agree, it all starts with panties!  Check out this comment from a friend:

“The most important piece of clothing for everyday, I would have to say panties.  I just love panties, as they come in so many different styles, material, and colors.  I can just have so much fun.  But, the most important part of panties is that I can wear them everyday, regardless of my “outside” dress.  I feel femme with panties on and that is the most important thing for me.  Panties provide a bit of my inner woman to come out and be free.  That is what makes me feel good about myself, letting her out.”

Speaking of the inner woman brings me to the second point: why do you dress?  You might all be wearing panties but there’s a difference in the WHY if you are a sissy or transgendered.

The third point is about what you need from our phone friendship.  It could be an erotic conversation, dressing fun, humiliation, hot sex with women or men, sooooo many options!

Being a cross-dresser is much like going to the lipstick aisle … so many choices and most of them super fun!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

5 comments to Three Things You Need to Know if You are a Cross-dresser

  • Yes, My favorite of those questions, all of which are excellent and instrumental, is what makes a playmate call themselves a crossdresser as opposed to a sissy or transgendered. After all this time, I still find a femme-oriented friend who doesn’t really know what the difference is themselves, and it can be enlightening for both of U/s to find that they identify differently than they thought!

  • Petey cream puff

    For me it’s
    1)wearing bra/panty set with slip/dress/heels/lipstick/wig/lotion/perfume. Just love how this slides so smoothly against my girlish waxed smooth skin. Seeing how I look in mirror I look way better then I do in my guy clothes. If you & Ms Delia can help me wear a bra all the time with weather cooling down I’m all for this.

    2)I dress this way as it gets me hard/excited and off. As mentioned above I live how soft and smooth the fabrics are against my soft/girlish/waxed skin. I’m not transgendered but a sissy who wants to have women do this to me which I found in you & Ms Delia and in real life my masseuse who measured/fitted me in bra/sprayed me in mist/put lotion on me during massages to have me smelling girlish and giving her power and control over me.(we were to have shopping trip in November where I was to wear leggings/knee high boots/bra/panty/women’s sweater then she was to pick out dresses for me to try/buy and get makeover but since I pulled out of coffe shop with her not sure it’s going to happen😢😞. I’m going to bring this up to her and see if she still wants to do this as way of making this up to her.

    3)it’s about women having power/control over me and being their cream puff sissy as you & Ms Delia done to me. I sooo want to be in female lead relationship with the 3 women I know and will do what they want and say without protesting/talking back. I’m at point where I’ve been single and doing whatever I want for long time that it’s time for me to have women control me. I don’t care what family/co workers say or think. If it’s legal/safe/no drugs involved I’ll be their submissive/feminine cream puff. I really think a female lead relationship is best thing for me as all 3 women can control me which is what I want and need.

  • Tiffani

    I love to practice maid duties when dressed, of course in 5 inch heels, so if I’m ever fortunate enough to be someone’s sissy maid I’ll have some practice. I also am plugged and restrained. Of course I’m sure you will have many more ideas for training to make me more valuable to you, your friends and everyone’s enjoyment.

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