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Think you’re cut out for chastity? Take this quiz.

How to figure out if chastity is right for youChastity Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me read you the questions to find out if you are a good match for being the property of a Chastity Mistress.

No matter how hot you think chastity is, the reality of being locked up is different than you imagined.  Each person is unique so it’s best to talk with your Mistress to see if she thinks both of you will be a good match for this kind of ownership.

Are you willing to do self-reflection?

Miss Constance, the Intelligent Femdom has a series of Chastity Interviews on her blog and this quick chastity checklist to start you out.

Are you willing obey without being needy?

Some people think being locked for a Mistress obligates her to soothe and take care of you 24/7.  No.  Being in orgasm denial isn’t a different kind of daily stroking.  This person uses Mistress interaction in lieu of hours of stroking.  The person who enjoys being denied has this sort of epiphany:

“As for frustration, I’ve found it’s rather sublime. I used to think I needed the daily physical touch of tease & denial to really ramp up the ache and sexual frustration but I’m now finding that the confines of the chastity cage paired with the teasing words and actions of Mistress create even more ache and frustration than daily stroking.”

Are you willing to follow instructions from your Mistress?

If you answer no to this question then I don’t recommend wearing a cock cage.  You might want the amazing explosive orgasm but that is something that requires work.  It’s like a person who wants a great body but won’t go to the gym or watch their diet.  It doesn’t work.

Are you willing to trust your Mistress?

You might know what she has planned or you might be kept in the dark.  Either way, I guarantee she has plans.  If you follow the instructions from your Mistress, you will experience this:

“The longing of just being given the privilege to release Mistress’s cock and watch it grow to rock hard proportions cannot be underestimated. And when finally allowed to release the beast and that first touch is … WOW … like experiencing something new and magical for the first time.

It’s like one’s cock has been transformed into a completely new creature with an entirely new and unfamiliar set of feelings and sensations. That’s the magic that happens when one’s cock ceases to their own and becomes the property of Mistress.”

If you answered NO to any of those questions then I doubt that long-term orgasm denial is for you.  But, don’t worry.  There are all sorts of other fun things to do.  Orgasm tease and DELAY is perfect for you.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

10 comments to Think you’re cut out for chastity? Take this quiz.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m willing to follow/obey and trust you. I confessed to Ms Erika & Ms Fiona that I’ve got off 5 minutes into 40-60 minute call along with not getting hard when I’ve been told to get off. They were glad/proud that I admitted this and have me on a cock control program. They said I must listen to them and not get off before they tell me. With trigger words calling me cream puff girl while letting me stroke/edge asking on scale on 1-10 I was to stop when I reached 8 this continued through out call. Then they put me in panties/bra/sprayed perfume/lotion along with applying lipstick and giving me lipstick kisses on my cheeks. I barely made it through as both of them let me get off. I don’t think I’ll be so lucky next time as I see chastity in my future. Would you be interested in being part of my feminization/cock control training?

  • princess

    I believe I am not only cut out for chastity, but born to be locked!….My unworthy of pussy, itty bitty clitty, has been locked for 102 days as of today (on the road to at least 150 days)…..In truth I love/hate it! The ache of orgasm (and even erection) denial can drive you nuts! But, nothing has help me to focus more on obedience, serving and being a better slave! To answer your specific questions..1: Chastity taught me, as locked slave, to put forgot about my selfish locked up needs and focus entirely on HER needs, first and foremost…2: In chastity Obedience is the path to eventual pleasure and release. More specifically, HER happiness is the path to my happiness……3: Lastly, chastity means having complete trust in your Mistress. It means SHE knows whats best……So, YES for CHASTITY!

    • Olivia

      Princess !!!!!! Congratulations on your long-term chastity! I always tell people, part of chastity success is simply having the right mindset … and sweetie you DO have the right mindset 🙂 🙂

  • yvonne

    Hi Ms

    You and I have discussed this at length. In my fantasy with you chastity is a necessary tool to increase my femininity and make me learn my lessons thoroughly. Becoming a woman is the ultimate goal and one cannot do that if one is focusing on what is between ones legs. Chastity just takes that particular temptation away. After the change is make to permanent chastity then the milking begins and really the pressure is off and yvonne can truly blossom as a beautiful feminine woman.


  • Alex

    That very picture describes my whole sexual relationship with women as a whole. “Close, but no cigar”.

  • Jake Douglas

    I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy being in chastity, but ive been wearing it for a week now and I quite enjoy it Mistress xx

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