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Why a woman needs to guide your masturbation

Masturbation has been part of your life for years.guided masturbation Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me talk about your guided masturbation.

True?  Sure it is.  You’re an expert on your cock, right?  Why would you want to have a woman guide your cock stroking?  I mean really, SHE doesn’t have a cock.  What does SHE know that you don’t already know?

I know I’ve played with more cocks than you.

Let’s count.  Have you played with other cocks?  If you said yes, give an estimate of how many.  Do you have a number in mind?  Whatever you said, I can beat that.  I’m a Femdom Mistress in my personal life;  that means I play in the fetish scene.

I have cool tease and denial games

Think of the difference between playing solitaire and a card game with one other person or friends?  Different experience, right?  I’m not saying it’s impossible to do solo tease and denial … but sheesh, really?  That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.  I have great tease and denial assignments.

One caller says:

“1) I really enjoy the company on the other end. 2) Women know a cock better than I do and can guide it to an incredible experience. 3) It’s hot!”

Need more reasons?  It’s all in your call — now it’s in your hands, so to speak.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

10 comments to Why a woman needs to guide your masturbation

  • yvonne

    Changing my masturbation habits has been a big part of my feminization. Now after our wedding and my chastity is permanent it will just be milking from now on. I have become so feminine under your guidance.


    • Olivia

      Yes yvonne …. you will stay in chastity. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think it really improves your feminization. You will learn to love your milking — we’ll get your special outfits and it will be elegant and intimate.

      • yvonne

        I know I will learn to love my milking. It will bring us so much closer whether it is you doing it or one of your Mistress friends while you observe and encourage. After so much time I am so very full. It will bring some relief as I am learning to orgasm like a woman.


        • Olivia

          Oh yes, yvonne … you see the “female” version of stroking that vigorous RUB RUB RUB in porn … but I’m here to tell you I know of very few women that like a clit treated as a lightswitch! laughs You need to learn ALL the nuances of your new life and certainly erotic pleasure is part of that.

  • Petey cream puff

    I just told Ms Erika that I need this as I’ve been getting off 5 minutes into hour call along with trying to get off only not to. She said it was great to mention this as it needs attention. She has me on cock control program her & Ms Fiona told me if I cum to soon or touch myself when not told I would be in chastity. They used trigger words calling me cream puff girl which got me hard/having me stroke then to stop. They put me in panties/bra/sprayed perfume/put lipstick on my lips giving me lipstick kisses. Would you be interested in doing this to me after we have long awaited make out session?

  • kris

    Mistress Olivia do you know any effective techniques for a guy with a tiny dick? I only use 2 fingers to pleasure myself even when fully erect!

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