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Your submission: want OR need

How important is your submission to you?submission to Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

Listen to me talk to you about power exchange and submission.

There are lots of people curious about fetish and power exchange.  Do you WANT to submit in a fun, casual kind of way or is your submission something that is ingrained and very deep? This isn’t a trick question and there is no “right” answer — there is only YOUR answer.  Maybe you need to find out if you are submissive, kinky or just sexually adventurous.

When you WANT to submit

You might find a Mistress that you enjoy.  You might talk exclusively with her or you believe that variety is the spice of life. Either way, you WANT to submit and you find a Mistress and have some fun.

Many types of submission

I’ve posted about types of distance relationships.  Some phone sex relationships last years and we get very close — there are some of you I count as very intimate and special friends.  I could not imagine life without you.  Other people are “mine” for a time and then move on — sometimes with notice and sometimes without saying anything to me.

BDsm and power exchange

You’ve heard the phrase about “too many cooks in the kitchen” right?  The same is true with power exchange.  An Experienced Mistress knows when and how to “push” you when you need it:

“The problem that submissive encounter is that the brain gets in the way. Fear, pride, and collective ego combine to make the submissive’s own search for their own needs among the clutter of wants very difficult.”

What’s getting in the way of your wants and needs … and, above all, your submission.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

8 comments to Your submission: want OR need

  • Petey cream puff

    For me being submissive is something I want and need. I’ve been told by you and the other mistresses I’m not the dominant type as I’m to nice to be that way all of you are right. It’s hot/sexy turn on!! I want to find women to incorporate this to me in relationship with involving feminization by keeping me dressed in women’s clothes/bra/panties/boots. I think my masseuse has taken charge as she’s controlling what I spend along with using perfumes/lotions on me for massages along with measuring/fitting me in bra along with taking pictures of me with her phone wearing dresses. I feel if I want to be the submissive cream puff girl in relationship I have to tell women I meet. My masseuse told me this as I can’t hide this if I want to be in relationship.

  • Power exchange is very happily explored with newbies and seasoned BDSM players and partners. Often more fun things pop up in the D/s relationship such as, hey let’s try this! Can we? The big power is the communication, agreements, A successful D/s exchange is always a challenge. Thanks for addressing power exchange succinctly Ms Olivia.

    • Olivia

      WOW that’s an awesome compliment from you Ms Cassandra …. I bow down to you !!!! Talking with you is like the Dominants at a play party gathering around and geeking out on new equipment purchases! LOL

  • daark_ness

    That last section on BDSM and power exchange was very astute. Many people can’t fully discover what they are/want because they pay too much attention to stigma and judgment from others. Others are too caught up in the whirlwind of new sensations and emotions that they can’t focus on the next thing, so caught up in the now have they become.

    And, yet others don’t know how to simply LET GO, and be guided. You’re exactly right about fear, or ego and pride getting in the way. If some people could give up the eternal struggle to be first, they’d be able to see what other vast and wonderful possibilities are out there.

    • Olivia

      I think part of the “letting go” might be a skill for someone who tends to be sexually submissive but Alpha in many other aspects of life. I get that. I actually am very tolerant of the struggle and don’t consider that topping from the bottom. There’s a subtle quality to the thing I don’t like — I’m not sure how to describe it but if I get thrown out of my Domme space too much then it’s not enjoyable for me — or at least it’s sure not power exchange that I enjoy. It feels a bit like a tug of war — I don’t play that — I’ll let go of the rope. There are WAY too many FUN submissives so why settle?

  • ticklishstuey

    Dear Ms Olivia

    This was a wonderful post. I am a very submissive male who really enjoys the power exchange. I enjoy knowing my place as a subbie. For me submission is something that I crave very much and there is no greater or more natural thing as a dominant female who is all powerful.
    Thank you for your wonderful blogs and audios. I am proud to be a slave (a ticklish one).

    • Olivia

      OMG, ticklish slaves are so much FUN !!!!! I play in the face to face fetish world — once I did a party with kinky friends and had a ticklish submissive there are “living art” — everyone would come over and idly tickle — it was creative and different and very very very FUN!

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