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Femme girls: what’s in your closet?

Femme wardrobe time

Femme sissy crossdresser Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

Listen to me talk with you about your transformation into feeling feminine all the time.

I love spring time and all the new fashions.  There are so many beautiful things to wear!  OH and don’t forget the sales!  Even if you don’t dress en femme a lot, there are all sorts of ways to feel feminine in your daily life … whether you call yourself a sissy or crossdresser I tend to leave the label up to you.

Why you wear feminine lingerie and clothing

Building your lovely lady wardrobe means you appreciate at least these three things every crossdresser needs to know.  If you had to choose just one item of clothing or one action that puts you in your girly place … what would it be?  For example, I have a dear sweet friend who now wears nail polish to work.  She looks at her hands and remembers who she is.  How awesome is that?

Back to your feminine closet

You might be able to openly display your items or you might need to keep this side of you private. No matter what your circumstances are — you really need to do something to keep your lady side happy.  When she is happy you will be happy.

Oh and one final thought.  If you can’t build a wardrobe and have to hide your girly things … then at least take a luxurious bath!  This is something you can do discretely.  Bubbles are best when using Mr. Bubble or just put something scented in the tub even if you have to rise it off before you leave.

I’ve got lots of tips and ideas!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia


14 comments to Femme girls: what’s in your closet?

  • Petey cream puff

    I have everything women in my closet/suitcase dresses/bras/tops/slips/boots/heels/panties/makeup/perfumes/lotions/lipsticks. My women’s clothes are more then my guy clothes. With my coming out to my masseuse she said I look better in dresses/leggings/tops/bra/panties/slip/makeup and lipstick. With her taking pictures of me dressed up with her phone she can hit send anytime. She told me I have perfect build for women’s clothes. But she said I have enough clothes and has taken control over my spending. She said I need to accept who I am and become which is a sissy girlie boy. I agreed with her as she told me I have to tell women I like to wear women’s clothes/bras. Though she’s married she told me not to worry about her husband or care what others think. I admit Ms Olivia I am a cream puff girl for real and have no plans of purging. I want to have her/other women keep me like this. I’m living my fantasies through my masseuse. Though she’s married she can expose me anytime and I have to do whatever she wants and asks. Im hers as she really owns me.

  • Gem Sissy

    I’m fantasizing about a truly amazing gown this year. In the past, I’ve owned a gorgeous satin white wedding dress that I had for about two years. Just after high school I also got myself a satin prom dress (light blue). It was that prom dress that drove me to finally risk going to an adult store, getting a cock-dildo, and fucking myself silly! I miss a beautiful elaborate dress with petticoats, layers of satin, and tight firm form around my torso…

    • Olivia

      Gem I am also a fan of those wonderful, feminine wedding dresses with lots and lots of petticoats. Honestly, I like the very tradition bell shape for a wedding dress … now for other dresses, like a prom dress or a ball gown there are so many styles to choose from … where are you considering going shopping? I bet I have some suggestions for you!

      • Gem Sissy

        Being Prom Season, now is the time to shop. Modern prom dresses are all rather boring in my book so I haunt concession shops whenever I can. You can get elegant dresses from different eras and a few in my size. As to buying that special satiny, bell-shaped prom dress, I’m all ears for suggestions! 🙂

        • Olivia

          I love vintage consignment shops — I usually can’t find sleeves that are long enough for me but sleeveless dresses are stunning! OH and Gem, it’s not just prom season — it’s also wedding season! Let the shopping begin (or continue).

          • Gem Sissy

            Hello Miss Olivia,

            I’m getting closer to buying that dress. Rereading this blog post of yours has pushed me closer to making that leap. One phrase in particular resonates with me so deeply: “you really need to do something to keep your lady side happy. When she is happy you will be happy.” That is so true. My lady side has been aching for a pretty fancy dress to doll up in for months, years. She deserves to feel as feminine and cherished as a dress would be.

            I’ve found a couple that look interesting, but what do you think? Any online vintage consignment you could recommend?

            Kisses Gem

  • yvonne

    I love it when you refer to me in a blog post. It reaffirms my goal, to be the best woman I can bet. Yes looking sat my hands and knowing my nails are polished really helps. Feeling feminine is quite normal now.


  • Emily

    “I have a dear sweet friend who now wears nail polish to work. She looks at her hands and remembers who she is. How awesome is that?”
    YES, that IS awesome! Thank you so much for sharing that story. I love nail polish and …..

    (((This comment is so great, I’m turning it into a blog post!)))))

    • Olivia

      What a WONDERFUL comment Emily …. and your thoughtful comment made me think (something that I love to do) … look for an Emily inspired blog post!

  • Emily

    Hi Olivia, thank you so much for that! Can’t wait for that blog post! Talk to you soon xoxoxo Emily

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