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Surprise: devious sissy trap by Mistress

I have a great sissy trapsissy trap by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

Listen to me read you all about my sissy trap.

I know you’re sneaking into my dressing room and wearing my pretty, feminine lingerie.  I just got back from a trip … a day early … and you m’dear think you’re still alone in the house. Ahhhhh, no!  You are going to be caught in panties!  I know some of you are curious about wearing panties for Mistress.

My panties and your feminization

I’ve been leaving my panties all over the place … simply to tempt you into exploring your feminity. I’ve decided to set a sissy trap because it is time that you fully embrace your true girly nature.

Full feminization

Your true nature is to be fully feminized.  I’m not stopping with just panties … or panties and a bra … or even adding a garter belt and stockings.  Oh no, you need WAY more than that!  I’m going to do your makeup — sultry eyes, long sexy lashes, and lush, full lips —- mmmmmmm, kissable lips!  Oh and HAIR!  You’ve got to have beautiful feminine hair … oh that soft blonde mixed with ginger is YOUR color.

Girly girl love

Now, being a sissy might mean that you will be with men … but not necessarily.  I know that I get HOT when I’m dressing you so I might just introduce you to the pleasures of being a lesbian crossdresser.  Of course, the erotic pleasure might not be exactly what you expect.  If we’re going to get married, you will get a diamond engagement ring AND a chastity cage … being locked up will make you fully concentrate on your femininity — which is what I expect!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

19 comments to Surprise: devious sissy trap by Mistress

  • yvonne

    Well this sounds familiar 🙂 I love my diamond engagement ring and I know it comes with a chastity cage, but it is for the best. It is what we both want. I want to be fully feminized and become a woman for you. I will wear dresses and gowns exclusively at least till I am complete and then perhaps capris and women’s slacks. It depends on how complete you feel I am.


  • The sissies cannot resist some beautiful lingerie that seems to be lying around. I’m sure they love being caught by you, Ms. Olivia. Secretly they are yearning for you to take control of their feminine transformation. I think sissies love having a “girlfriend” to show them just how to behave.

  • John Q


    Yeah, now you tell me! A bit late, don’t you think? You forgot to mention the strategically placed lipsticks left on the dressing room countertop.


    John Q

    • Olivia

      ~giggles~ MOI ????????
      Would I DO that to you?
      Welllllllll …… I would say if the shoe fits … but in this case, if the panty fits …..
      and we both know that panties DO fit you better!

  • Very wicked and naughty to leave your seductive panties lying around. A gurl craving feminization will imagine how sexy you look in them and wish she could be as alluring and beautiful. It’s impossible to resist eventually putting them on, and it’s a matter of time before you catch her in the act!

  • TeasedM

    Mistress Olivia, I would be caught in Your sissy trap for sure!
    I can just imagine all of the ways You would coerce me into a full sissy for You.

  • Olivia

    giggles You’re perfect for a sissy trap petey!

  • Sissy Christina

    Wow! It really is a great idea. How I would love to fall for a sissy trap. 🙂


    Sissy Nylon Ballerina

  • Gem Sissy

    Standing there in my perfume, feeling the constraints of the satin corset shaping me, the delicate satin panties around my knees… I shift a little and feel the tug of the garters from the corset to my thigh highs and flex my toes in my 5″ high heels. Of course the heels are locked around the ankle and there is a lock on the lacing of the corset. It’s only natural for a sissy girl like me. I glance in the vanity mirror and marvel at how well the breast forms match my skin tone and how perfectly natural they look exposed by the cup-less top of the corset. My wig is the blonde I’ve always dreamed of, brushing my shoulders and the sheer short robe I have on.

    I feel the plastic but you warmed it in your hand. It slips around my balls (so heavy with cum I’ve been denied for weeks) and my shaft and I hear the snap as the device comes together. I’m never soft around you so it takes some time for the rest of the cage to constrain me enough to connect to the base and then I hear the softest click. You hold my now caged and locked cock, cradling it as a I grit my teeth. The need to get erect and cum is so strong but the cage does its job and prevents it. You make a show of adding the key to the small jewelry chest where the keys for my heels and corset reside. You close the lid and I hear the electronic lock close. Only you know the four digit code.

    You take my hand and lead me to your bed, the first time I’ve been allowed in your personal bedroom. We kiss and begin a night of passion as lesbian lovers…

    (Um, yeah, you inspire me, Miss Olivia. 🙂 )

  • Sophia

    First if ever allowed near your place I would want you to catch me in your panties. Of course I’m yours to do with as you wish, slutty whore, lesbian lover, forcing bi activities, sissy maid or any ( or all) of the above. Locked away with skimpiest panties and matching bra. Corseted, locked of course to give me the figure you desire. Highest of heels locked so when you are away I can’t take them off just for a second not that I’d want too. Completely under your control to obey all commands and wishes, your dress up play toy.

    Then when you are satisfied maybe get a job as a sales girl, secretary or something to bring in money for you as I would sign all paychecks over to you. Then at night …..well I’ll leave that up to you.

    You are the best and what a lucky sub to accept a ring from you, wear it with the utmost pride and joy and know the bliss of being yours and the letting the world know I’m the luckiest person on earth! Oh I get excited just thinking about the wedding night and all the things your experienced, wicked mind would cum up with, thanks for the awesome post.

  • Alex

    Wow it’s like a dream mam

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