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Cocksucking assignment report from a sissy

This good sissy follows orders from Mistresssissy assignment from Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me read you this sissy assignment report.

I love sending you to a glory hole in our fantasy call — like I did in this cock sucking assignment.  Some of you are sucking cock in real life so I urge you to practice safer sex and cocksucking safety.  That said, ANYTHING is possible in our erotic roleplay scenes — that’s one of my favorite things about phone sex!

Here is the sissy report:

Mistress Olivia,
i went to the bookstore glory hole and i did Your cock sucking assignment.When i got into the booth and knelt down and put my mouth to the hole and stuck out my tongue and waited. In about 15-20 minutes a cock was pushing against my mouth my little clitty and sissy nipples got so hard right away.

Mistress makes the difference

There are many ways for someone to be a sub to a Femdom Mistress.  Being submissive is all about power exchange.  In this case, this cock gobbler loves knowing that the cock sucking assignment comes from a “Beautiful Dominant Mistress” — don’t you love that too?!

Would you do this for your Mistress?

Here are the details of that man meat:

“When he pushed it thru if was about 8-9 inches and fat.i kissed and licked and sucked it into my mouth and told him that i needed to suck his big cock and i beg him to shoot all his big cum load down my throat,and because i was told by a Mistress to make sure i swallow it all,because i can never waste any cum,not even a drop. He said suck it hard slut,i think that what i heard. i did suck it very hard kissing and licking and swallowing all his pre cum until he started to shoot ropes of cum into my mouth.”

Oh now that’s quite a report!  I can’t wait to hear more!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

14 comments to Cocksucking assignment report from a sissy

  • Emily

    Oh yes Mistress it sounds so delicious .

  • Oh Ms. Olivia, it has been TOO long since I’ve had such an exciting cocksucking report from an eager little dick licker. I’m JEALOUS of you getting to share this fun assignment with one of your little pets. It’s such a gift when a subby trusts us enough to guide him or her to new adventures, isn’t it?

    • Olivia

      YESSSSSSS Ms Piper —- all these naughty, sexy and fun adventures are FUN — and even more fun for us because we tell them to do things! ~grins~

  • Mistress Amber

    What a naughty report that was, Miss Olivia! I always love hearing from sluts that have taken their cocklust beyond the bedroom and their toys. Having them report back is something I love to do with my own subs, so it was definitely a treat to look in on one of yours!

    • Olivia

      Ms Amber don’t we always say, report back to Mistress — I mean there’s a boatload of fun giving the cocksucking assignment and then the other part of the fun is hearing ALL about it!

  • Sophia

    This was an awesome assignment. You know I will obey any and all of your commands.

  • Slut p

    OMG. I love this. Would You enjoy being on the phone during my gloryhole trip Ms Olivia? Or better yet, watching me via Skype? Is this allowable?

  • TeasedM


    I don’t think I could do the book store glory hole assignment.
    On the other hand, Your T-girlfriend pictured in this blog would get the best BJ of Her life from me.

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