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sissy shaving tips for smooth girly skin

Attention!  Get your sissy shaving on for summer!sissy shaving tips Experienced Mistress panties 1-800-721-1962

Listen to me read you this sissy shaving tips blog post.

One of the things every Mistress needs to ask a sissy is … wait for it … are you SMOOTH?  I love to see a sissy all smooth and girly with that lovely, soft feminine skin.  That said, I know there are some of you that crave Mistress humiliation — of being a hairy guy in ladies lingerie —- that’s okay too because I love laughing at you!  But, for the rest of you … get ready for summer!

Sissy shaving

Nothing says sissy like a pretty puff of shaved hair perhaps dyed PINK!  ~giggles~  Now many of you can’t do the dye and that’s okay you can just paint your puff of hair with pink lipstick. It will wash off but you’ll experience your full sissyhood!  ~giggles~


If you can shave, I want you to try shaving in a hot bath with just a few inches of warm water.  This is great for first-time shavers.  If you feel more comfortable shaving in the shower, that’s great, just be extra careful.  Use lots of sensitive skin shaving lotion.  A gel is better (I think) than the white foam but you can see what you like.  Rise your razor often.  Use one of those razors with several blades.

Pull the skin you’re going to shave TAUT.  Shave small amounts of skin at a time.  Be VERY CAREFUL.  Make sure your skin is taut so you don’t nick yourself.  When you’re done, rinse off.  Wash and rinse the whole area again.  After you dry off, dust with powder to minimize irritation.  I’m more than happy to talk you through your shaving but all the variations are too many to write in one blog post.

Feel of feminine lingerie on smooth skin

Just wait until you feel your lingerie on your sensitive skin.  To celebrate, I think you need to complete this sissy shopping assignment.  It feels so feminine and very sexy!  Have you tried shaving?  What are your tips and stories?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

16 comments to sissy shaving tips for smooth girly skin

  • Jazmine Delite

    Well I have found a trimmer electric razor works well as well and less chance of getting nicked also I have used Nair for those hard to reach place you can’t always see or reach easily

    • Olivia

      Electric razor is also perfect and you’re right about the no nicks — unless of course the man I want you to suck is named ….


      laughs and laughs

      you knew I would go there, didn’t you Jazzy?

  • Petey cream puff

    I am smooth all over!!! My masseuse waxes me every 5 weeks and she uses perfumes and lotions on my massages and face to keep me girlish soft smelling all the time. And yes my bra/panties/slip/blouses and dresses fit and feel so much better on me.

  • marlowecv3

    Great post, I have found shaving helps when in chastity as well.

    Plus it makes my dick look a little bigger, not big enough of course lol

  • princess

    I do LOVE being smooth all over! Showering, shaving, lotion and slipping into stockings garters and panties! Trying to look as girlie as i possibly can! Sadly, summer means shorts and trips to the beach and i can’t risk the exposure in my situation….But…..All Late Fall, Winter and Early Spring i shave fully… feels sooooo right….I have come to hate that man-like hair when it grows back (not that i am very hairy to begin with). I am jealous of those who can be there sissy selves all year long (Oh. with my ‘short comings, I really shouldn’t use the word ‘long’ when it comes to me lol) ! Great post Ms Olivia!

    • Olivia

      ~nods~ I do feel for you princess …. be as smooth as you can in as many places as possible. It DOES feel so good to be all feminine, femme, girly smooth, doesn’t it? Mmmmmmmmm.

  • I think is is easy to see that every sissy who has commented LOVES to be so smooth! I absolutely love how princess said EXACTLY what I love to do… Mmmm… Take a nice bath, smooth my legs, and then lotion my legs until they are just so silky. NOTHING beats the feel of stockings after that!

    Ms. Delia

    • Olivia

      Let me just add to this Ms Delia —

      I FUCKING LOVE feeling your silky smooth legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have to touch my pussy now.

      Okay bye

  • Slut p

    Oh my…. the visuals are making my head explode… no, not that one—Mistress Olivia has me on strict edging until our next session… so now another cold shower awaits me.

  • Michelle

    I just read your post on shaving and loved everything I read. I to shave everyday and I can’t say enough about the wonderful feeling. I also do at times enjoy a waxing and agree with Ms.Delia nothing feels more feminine than a darling pair of silky,soft stockings. Mmmmmmm!! How lovely! I think I’m about to melt,so I’ll sign off now.Hope to hear from you soon. Femforever,Michelle 💋

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