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Mistress Tumblr Accounts for fetish fun

There are so many great Mistress Tumblr feedsMistress Tumblr for Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to my voice read you this blog.

This is not a definitive list of the delightfully naughty Mistress Tumblr feeds but these are some of my personal favorites from my Mistress friends at LDW Group.  You know about my adoration of Mistress Delia so, of course, I’m including her.

I also want you to check out my new friend  Ms Anna. She’s fun and very wicked on our calls.  Mistress Anna is new to tumblr and she also loves the visuals.

I love my own Phone Sex Mistress Olivia tumblr. I think about what I curate and repost.  A recent caller said this about images on my tumblr:

“They inspire submission, longing, desire, some desperation…”

I’ll admit … that comment makes me smile because that’s exactly the vibe I’m going for when I explore and create with the glorious visuals on tumblr.

Using my tumblr to talk directly with youphone sex from Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

You know when I’m finding images and/or posting my own comments and content that I am often thinking of you.  Like my blog, I use tumblr to communicate directly with certain people.  If you follow my blog or tumblr then let me know and you might … ahem … inspire a tumblr post or a blog post.  That’s exactly what the comment about my sexy tumblr inspired.

Naughty thoughts inspired by you

I do love to be inspired by you.  When I ask you to write out your reactions to our sessions, it’s not an idle assignment.  I often use parts of your comments in a blog post, tumblr post or tweet … but I save the full comment or email and SAVOR your words.  Yes, I love words — but you knew that didn’t you?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

12 comments to Mistress Tumblr Accounts for fetish fun

  • yvonne

    Hi Ms

    I love to write emails about our talks. It is where I can really get my feelings thru.They do not always come thru in a session although I think I have let my guard pretty much down with you given the length of our relationship. I always feel most feminine after one of our talks. I always feel renewed.


    • Olivia

      Oh WOW yvonne, I can always “sense” there is more …. and I always wait for the email and/or skyping comments after. I am SO PROUD of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slut p

    I love Your words Mistress Olivia! They are my commands to obey and You know how much I live and love to please You! I can’t ever have too much!

    Thank You for providing us subs and slaves with multiple opportunities to soak them up and really become part of Your World!

    • Olivia

      ~giggles~ I really AM She Who Must Be Obeyed — I think that’s on coffee cups and tee shirts — it’s a damn good life slogan! Seriously, like most people, I have varied interests, passions, etc — I love that you are interested in the whole person of me 🙂

  • Personal messages can be so much fun on Tumblr! They are quite intimate and personal, but at the same time they are public. Perhaps Mistress decides to keep a joke between her and her pet private, but perhaps she wishes to put him on display a bit. Tumblr works well for BOTH! 🙂

    • Olivia

      Yessssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that “putting on display” — there’s a snazzy little “zing” to that which is very exciting and something I love about your tumblr as well Ms Piper!

  • Mistress Olivia,

    I really DO love showing off the sexy kink visuals on my Tumblr. I think that so many of the sexy images inspire even more sexy thoughts, and really can enrich fantasies. I speak with a wonderful man who uses Tumblr exclusively for inspiration when sucking cock. Amazing right?

    • Olivia

      There are some fucking fabulous COCK photos on tumblr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      OMG, yes !!!
      Actually there’s a bit of everything on tumblr — including your sexy Ms Delia tumblr! 🙂 🙂

  • FF and RHTs

    As we both know, Mistress O., many of our Tumblr posts are an incredible way for us to communicate in between sessions. There is often a very common theme in what we both like and share, just like the one photo above in this blog post.

    • Olivia

      I love your tumblr! And tumblr is a great way to … ahem … enjoy one another and the many beautiful sexy images we both adore!

  • Slut p

    I do LOVE experiencing all of You Mistress Olivia and am so interested in everything ”Olivia”!!!!

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