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Questions every Mistress needs to ask a sissy

Why Mistress will ask a sissy questions

Listen to me read you this blog about questions for a sissy.

Don’t worry; it won’t be an interrogation (unless you’re into erotic interrogation and being ordered to tell your naughty secrets).  I have some basic questions at the beginning of an encounter with someone with physically . . . → Read More: Questions every Mistress needs to ask a sissy

Quick tip to get into sissy subspace

Slip into your sissy subspace

Listen to me read you this blog about your sissy subspace.

Let’s talk about Dominance and submission.  You might be an Alpha male when you’re in your male persona.  You might be submissive when en femme.  Many things can trigger your sissy subspace.  The surefire way to get you . . . → Read More: Quick tip to get into sissy subspace

Sissy training lessons

Are you ready for your sissy training?

Listen to my sissy training audio.

I have a particular lesson plan for the ladyboy that will service men.  Are you ready to take the sissy test?  If you think you pass the test, then you need to dedicate yourself to learning ladyboy skills.  Here’s an example . . . → Read More: Sissy training lessons

Sissy question

I get to hear all your naughty stories doing phone sex.  This is one of my recent favorites.  He tells me:  “My wife is away.  I decide I want my legs waxed so I go into the salon.”  That’s where he gets the sissy question.

I burst out in giggles because I can see . . . → Read More: Sissy question

Sissy labels and you

Are you a sissy?

Listen to this sissy girl audio for you.

Labels can be confusing.  The word sissy is very popular these days.  Identifying as transgender is also in the news.  I find there are fewer people who identify as a crossdresser.  There are many labels attached to expressing your feminine side.

Coerced . . . → Read More: Sissy labels and you