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Big cock in panties

He has a big cock and wears panties

Listen to me tell you all about my sexy panty wearing guy!

Remember all those posts about putting guys with a small penis in panties?  I don’t mean to leave the impression that panties are ONLY for humiliation or submission to this Femdom.  Some men just . . . → Read More: Big cock in panties

Wearing panties for Mistress

Curious about wearing panties for Mistress?

Many of you know that I love to feminize a man.  Sexy lingerie is often way to begin your feminization but wearing panties doesn’t automatically mean you’re feminine.  I’m always cautious about blanket statements and judgments.  We both know that people tend to be multi-faceted and you might . . . → Read More: Wearing panties for Mistress

What do you call your penis?

The Experienced Mistress wants to know what you call your penis. Do you have a specific name? If so, how did you get or choose that name? Do you simply call your penis a cock or a dick? What about crossdressers? Does your gender bending attire change what you call the appendage between your legs? . . . → Read More: What do you call your penis?