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It’s fun to feminize a man!

I can be a wicked feminization Mistress

Why?  There’s a bit of an element in erotic humiliation to some feminization scenes.  I think it’s FUN!

I do like the whole idea of tricking or seducing a man into wearing panties and then maybe becoming a full on femme girly girl.  And some of you . . . → Read More: It’s fun to feminize a man!

Masturbation May phone sex schedule

Mistress phone sex schedule for Masturbation May

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All you stroker pets get ready for some masturbation games, including some hot orgasm denial games!  Even an experienced masturbator needs to have a new tease and denial challenge.  My longest phone sex call was . . . → Read More: Masturbation May phone sex schedule

Can your girlfriend or wife be a Mistress?

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I hear from a lot of people who want me to tell them how to get their girlfriend or spouse to be more like a Mistress.  This will be a series of posts on this topic because there are so many . . . → Read More: Can your girlfriend or wife be a Mistress?

Phone sex dispatch

LDW Group is a dispatch company.  In the phone sex business, that means you call and you get the Dispatcher who transfers the call to the Mistress of your choice.  Sometimes Dispatchers make Mistress recommendations and help you with choosing the right Mistress.

You can also ask Live Help to help you find your . . . → Read More: Phone sex dispatch

What is a fetish?

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I did a poll on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire asking for comments about your fetish.

I do consider myself a Fetish Femdom Mistress even though I adore vanilla sex as well.

It’s interesting to learn what YOU think about the term fetish.  I got this email from . . . → Read More: What is a fetish?