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Sissy training lessons

Are you ready for your sissy training?

Listen to my sissy training audio.

I have a particular lesson plan for the ladyboy that will service men.  Are you ready to take the sissy test?  If you think you pass the test, then you need to dedicate yourself to learning ladyboy skills.  Here’s an example . . . → Read More: Sissy training lessons

Sissy punishment for feminization

Your feminization needs to go further

I WILL make you my sissy bride and for that to happen your feminization needs to improve.  I am a sensual Mistress, in general, BUT sometimes a naughty sissy will need some strict feminization that includes sissy chastity.  After all, it is FUN to feminize a man and . . . → Read More: Sissy punishment for feminization

Mistress Feminizes Reluctant Sissy

Your reluctant feminization

At the beginning of your feminization, you have the best time!  You love the clothes and cute fashions.  I decide that I want you even more femme, more girly.  I even decide you’re going to be my sissy bride.

Enjoy the free sissy feminization audio of this Experienced Mistress blog post.

. . . → Read More: Mistress Feminizes Reluctant Sissy

Teaching sissy to give a lap dance

The Experienced Mistress takes sissy to the strip club. You will need to perform and Mistress will evaluate your abilities! . . . → Read More: Teaching sissy to give a lap dance