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Intimacy of strangers

Intimacy and the slave

Listen to me read you this blog post about BDsm kink intimacy and erotic slavery.

I had a VERY interesting conversation with a slave today. We started off talking about my recent blog post about the difference between a submissive and a slave.  Both are clearly in the BDsm or . . . → Read More: Intimacy of strangers

submissive versus slave

Differences between submissive versus slave

Listen to me read you this blog about the difference between submissive versus slave.

I like to answer your questions.  I’ll answer pretty much anything you ask — you’ll hear what I mean if you listen to my Mistress Interview from the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance.  If I’m not . . . → Read More: submissive versus slave

Quick tip to get into sissy subspace

Slip into your sissy subspace

Listen to me read you this blog about your sissy subspace.

Let’s talk about Dominance and submission.  You might be an Alpha male when you’re in your male persona.  You might be submissive when en femme.  Many things can trigger your sissy subspace.  The surefire way to get you . . . → Read More: Quick tip to get into sissy subspace

The submissive slut

Are you a submissive slut?

Listen to me read to you in this Experienced Mistress audio.

I ask a phone sex caller to describe himself and he says quickly, “I’m a submissive slut.  I was born this way.”  BUT … he certainly needs some guidance to fully realize his sub role in life.  If . . . → Read More: The submissive slut

slave to Mistress

Who is a slave to Mistress?

Listen to Mistress read you this blog post.

You’re probably familiar with the term foot slave and chastity slave is a common category.  But let’s talk about the nuances.  This is a hot button in kinky BDsm culture.  Some vanilla people don’t like the term slave … but just . . . → Read More: slave to Mistress