I’m going to celebrate the New Year under a blanket of stars……. out in the middle of the New Mexico desert …. a reminder how VAST the Universe is …. and how much there is to enjoy …. and cherish …. and appreciate …. and learn …. and do ……

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a year like this past year….full of GROWTH and CHANGE and all kinds of *interesting* experiences, emotions and excitations.  And to think that my new career is as a Phone Sex Operator …. that still cracks me up …. actually, it’s not sooooo far from what my former career was….only perhaps this is more *straightforward* and *honest.*   ROFLOL !

So …. to explore this Universe of sexual energy with you has been and continues to be the most fun.  Right now on this New Year’s Eve men are about to go out with their partners (girlfriends or wives) and they’re calling me for some yummy tease and denial to get reveed up …. and it IS so very delicious to get reveed up isn’t it?  Whether it’s sexual roleplay or guided masturbation or CrossDressing ….. I’m ALL FOR whatever it is that will get you (and oh so often ME) revvvvvveeeeedddddd up.

It’s the SPICES that add flavor to food …. if you exist only in a world of salt and pepper you miss the nuances of the many flavors that are available.  It is the KINK that adds spice to sex….and not just merely the KINK …. it’s the fun of the exploration … the intimacy of taking the risk of *exposing* your innermost desires to anyone (even to a phone sex operator) …. intimacy takes COURAGE and I always ADMIRE courage.

So, here’s to a New Year of the Joy of Courage!

Ohhhhhhhh-livia 🙂