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Do you masturbate at work?

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

You’re at work.  Maybe you’re horny.  Maybe you’re just a little (or a lot) bored.  Maybe you just want something to do. ~laughs~  There are a lot of reasons why men wank at work!  Remember, phone sex is wicked fun in the office!

Sometimes it’s just as simple as you love the Mistress cock tease anywhere and any time!   You know who you are!  ~grinz~   And, I know who you are too!  So, this blog post is for YOU (and you and you and you!)

Public stroking or private masturbation?

There’s one public stroker who loves the thrill of “almost” getting caught while masturbating.  He loves to touch his cock under the desk while leaving his office door open.  He’s the one in the conference room with a very red face when others walk into the room.  I totally understand that the thrill of almost getting caught is enticing, just please remember that the ALMOST part is way more exciting than the actually getting caught jacking off at work.  I tend to suggest a bit more privacy.

Jerking off in the bathroom

Don’t be shy about calling phone sex from your office bathroom!  I know exactly what to do with you when you can’t say anything!  ~grinz~  I am the cock control Experienced Mistress and I can pace things simply by listening to your breathing.

Shut your office door and stroke that hard cock!

Imagine Me walking into your office and perching My perfect butt right on the edge of your desk …. smiling at you as I urge you to take your cock out to show Me how you will stroke for Me.  I love to watch men masturbate for Mistress.

I’m always curious about you.  Tell Me, do you masturbate at work?  Have you ever been so horny that you simply HAD to jerk off while you’re at work?  Tell Me all about it!

*** I’ll be back on Wednesday October 24th and I’ll be so excited to talk with you again! ******


Ms Olivia

14 comments to Do you masturbate at work?

  • Mistress Olivia; I felt the need to answer your question & My personal answer is “NO”! I have however walked into the restroom & the lights were off (Motion sensor), I went to an open stall but on my way; there was a closed door in a different stall & wondered; Why is there someone in here with all the lights off?! Do you think?….. I’ll try this if that is what you wish! I hope you’re having a Wonderful time on your vacation Mistress Olivia. Kiss

    • olivia

      ~laughs~ OMG! I actually had someone on the phone with me who was masturbating in a place with automatic light sensors! They DID go out right in the middle of his stroking and he went OH the lights just went out….but he kept stroking! LOL You NEVER know what your co-workers are doing! Oftentimes it is NOT work! ~grinz~

  • marlowe

    My best office experience was with a Pro-Domme Mistress I have seen for quite a while and on a public holiday we went into my office / factory and did a session.

    She played my assistant dressed in a penicl skirt, white blouse, stockings, stilletoes etc. We role played her catching me wanking to BDSM porn and that the toy bag that was really hers was mine.

    We went on to do lots of play activities including me being bent over my own desk and taken by her and her strap on.

    Oh what fun!

    • olivia

      YES! There are all sorts of sexy office scenes that put the woman in charge and flip the tables on the man! I love those! I can get quite strict and very Dominant in those scenes because they’re “exude” the intensity of the corporate erotic roleplay. Oh speaking of that one of My favorite CFnm scenes is a board room full of women as the naked man serves us….then services….then serves up what we want him to do. Ah yes, WICKED is fun!
      Thank for writing!

  • magnus

    Hi MsOlivia! I hope You’re having fun on Your time off. As for me, no I can’t say this is anything I’ve done or would want to do. Wayyyyy too risky even when we have closed bathrooms. And my office has glass in the front and paper thin walls. Not that I don’t like the fantasy of You sitting on my desk but I think it’s better to keep that idea in my head and just remain horny during the day. 😉

    • olivia

      *nods* I hear you magnus! (okay the pun was intended) I had the BEST time btw and than you for saying you hoped I had fun. I have lots of fun, naughty and interesting stories which I’m sure you’ll see over the coming (~smiles~) weeks! You always know a vacation is fantastic when it’s also really great to be back home 🙂

  • Forrest Hicks

    Well Ms Olivia, I do not now nor have I ever worked in an office environment except in the context of my current job. I am a cleaner. I clean new constructions, offices and homes. The majority being homes. My work is busy work, if I am not in a house cleaning it I am driving to the next one. This unfortunately does not give me great opportunity to masturbate.
    That said, a few years ago I was doing a job where I would go into a summer rental and clean and disinfect it between renters. I usually only had a couple of hours to get it ready for the next tenant. At the end of the summer I was in the house doing a cleaning, summer rentals where done and a winter renter had not come along yet so I knew I had all the time I needed to clean it. One of the bed rooms had a wall of mirrored doors for the closets, I was cleaning that day and just got the insane idea to stoke in front of the mirrors.
    I would not risk my job by doing it in one of my regular customers houses, but this was a unique situation. I did enjoy the session.

    • olivia

      WOW thanks for writing that Forrest! As I was reading I could imagine you standing in front of the mirrors and stroking.

  • Peter

    as much as I want to no way its family business and co workers do need to know they are old school and are not into what I’m into fetish wise. They like to talk sports mostly football. Not even a thought of doing that’s what bedroom is for and afterwords at home alone.

    • olivia

      Actually MOST people would rather talk about things other than fetish! ~laughs~ At least at work. Here we’re very lucky because I do get to talk about kinky fetish sex at work! ~grinz~ Talk about work and play and having it ALL!

  • Clark.Kent

    There was a time when I’d stay late at work or find some reason to go into the office at the weekend just to make an erotic call. Installation of security cameras put a stop to those activities. Maybe that’s why “Office sex” is one of my favourite fantasies now.

    • olivia

      Oh RIGHT! You bring up a good point! When giving advice about where and how to stroke one should ALWAYS pay attention to everything in your surroundings! Still, I bet those office cams get a LOT of naughty activity! ~laughs~ And the right (kinky) person will stroke right along with you! 🙂

  • jake

    Next time I call you Mistress I’m going to be at work 🙂