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Pathetic losers: erotic humiliation with an edge

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I have a lively sense of play!  I don’t go in for the automatic Female Superiority thing.  I am the Experienced Mistress and consider Myself a Femdom.  After all, I have a pussy so I do make the rules ~laughs~ but that doesn’t make Me automatically *better* than you are.  I know that you aren’t fully responsible when I’ve got you in a cock teasing cock control session.  I take that into consideration when I’m dealing with you.  ~grinz~

Mistress doesn’t mean bitch

I can and will be professional, courteous and even sweet outside of our session.  Please don’t get confused!  There’s a big difference between a Mistress and a bitch.  I have said often that I think male submissives are actually quite strong and I know that submission is a Gift.  BUT, I have to admit, I love the power exchange play involved in the wicked mindfuck of erotic humiliation.     That said, let’s talk about a really naughty humiliation of someone who calls himself a pathetic loser!

Humiliated for Mistress enjoyment

Sometimes it is enough to know that you are able to please your Mistress simply by making Me laugh!  And you DO make Me laugh!  Some of the people that make Me laugh the hardest are the ones that get hard when called a loser.  Ah HA!  Are YOU pathetic?  Are you a loser?  Did your dick get hard reading that?

Pathetic loser humiliation

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Let’s meet the pathetic panty pervert!  He’s such a pervy creature!  AND, he is a slave to pretty girl panties!  ~laughs~  Oh YEAH, these sexy panties make him crazy!  There are so many of you who get hard yearning for My panties.  But this ONE pathetic loser is very special because he made Me laugh so hard!   Imagine the voice saying, in a serious yet gleeful tone, “Mistress, I’m such a pathetic thing!”  “Oh!” I answer, “Tell Me exactly how pathetic!”

And the full story comes out!  I mean the FULL story!  ~nods~  WOAH!  Talk about the REAL THING…..a real pathetic loser!


I want to hear YOUR story…..and make no mistake about it…you will tell me the full story!  Then I’ll be able to answer for sure the question:  “WHO is the most pathetic loser of all?”.   I can’t wait to read these comments!  Have at it in the comments section or give Me a call.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

24 comments to Pathetic losers: erotic humiliation with an edge

  • magnus

    Well, I know I’m kind of being a broken record here, MsOlivia, (and old enough to know all about them too LOL), but no, the being called a pathetic loser does not get me excited. Yes, I certainly understand that some love that and that there is indeed a difference (or can be anyway) between playtime and the rest of time, but still, for me it comes back to wanting to be a cherished pet. So negative epithets my way even as a play thing, would do the opposite for me and make think that I wasn’t deserving and/or loved enough to be in such a position. Makes sense?

    • olivia

      Absolutely this makes sense! Like many things, some people adore the thing that another person can’t stand. When it comes to kink and fetish fantasy sex then that’s were the vive la difference (please read that with a French accent LOL) comes into play.
      One thing that I really like about you and your comments magnus is that you can say “I don’t like something” but you’re not judgmental about the people that do. You *get* the difference and I love that about you!
      *wiggles toes at you*

  • I personnaly don’t like to be talked down to, however I know that many males like it a lot. I like to be called a piece of shit while I’m stroking; reason being is I didn’t cum in time & so I got that in my head as a fantasy. But I don’t think I could be degraded in an absolute form. Like I said,”this is just me”. I’m not speaking down on anyone who enjoys this either. I’ll explain more on the phone Mistress Olivia. Please remember the word,”But”!!!! & I WILL explain as you deserve to know Mistress Olivia.

    • olivia

      I *get* it slave and I agree with you! Actually the scene play is one thing and erotic humiliation during a scene is only hot if it’s part of the scene play. I don’t know if that makes sense but I wouldn’t enjoy REALLY calling someone names. I’ve done lots of posts about how being a Mistress is very different from being a bitch! LOL If I really thought someone was a ‘pathetic loser’ I wouldn’t be able to SAY that in a scene. Then, it’s not kink sadistic…it’s just mean. Reading that I know that there are lots of non kink people who don’t get the difference but I know you do….and that is one of the many things I adore about you!

  • marlowe

    It is on and off for me in that sometimes I need to erotic teasing around my kinks with Mistress but then on occasions I need the hard hitting humilation / verbal abuse.

    I must confess that for this I tend to got to another LDW Mistress who is noted for being more strict, I know I will get my fix of being told I am a small dicked, cuckold loser and be rock hard for it.

    It is just like when sessioning for real and somedays you want the softer side but then some other you need to slapped in the face, spit on, kicked hard in the balls and kicked again if you don’t thank Mistress for being mean to you.

    For me beacuse of the special relationship I have with one LDW Mistress I prefer to get the heavier hunilation else were, don’t get me wrong that special Mistress will humiliate me for her special, I now wear panties 100% of the time and for me this is the daily humiliation reminder of not being a real man but a cuckold.

    For some reason I don’t want the heavier abuse stuff from her, maybe it is her style or maybe beacuse I care so much about her, not sure.

    I am sure Ms Oliva will give any sub what they need at the right time as I am sure she is a mind reader from a planet of Goddesses so will understand when you need the “with an edge” session

    • olivia

      ~laughs~ I’m a mind reader from a planet of Goddesses? I love that line!
      Well actually sometimes I am able to read mind! Other times…..well, not so much.
      You’re not alone with this marlowe….there are many people who call a variety of Mistresses and are different with each one. This is one of the many reason why I’m not a Mistress that says, you are only going to call Me. I recognize that one of the things we can be is a part of the variety of life!
      You’ve never heard Me in super strict mode …. but, others have and probably that person wouldn’t believe the ‘softer side’ of Olivia. I love that you have a special relationship because that is (I think) just as important as the variety. It’s a crazy quilt but somehow it all fits together and works out great! 🙂

  • Forrest Hicks

    Ms Olivia, I am not sure if I am ready to share my whole story publicly yet. You do know the basics of that story though, and I have never actually considered my self a pathetic loser, at least not since I figured all that out.
    As to the comment about Mistress does not equal bitch, the other night in chat there was a new chatter in the room who asked it there where any mistresses in the room. The chatters responded to the question with the standard look for the crown response. The new chatter then responded with, “most mistresses are mean”. I made a point of saying that around these parts that is not true.

    That is a fantastic picture of you and your panties by the way.

    • olivia

      Thank you so much Forrest! I do think that LDW is a different sort of phone sex site. I and the other Mistresses really do adore our callers…..even when we’re being very NAUGHTY with you! 🙂 The chatter that said that comment was probably new to LDW so thank you again for give him the scoop about life here! ~smiles~ AND, thank you for the panties compliment! I do indeed love My panties!

  • scott

    I used to be a long time subscriber to the Magazine Leg Show. In Leg Show the models would constantly say how funny they thought (as if they are talking just to me) i was for being a jerky boy. Honestly by the time i read that far that would send me over the edge. I know that i am not pathetic or a loser. I know that its all playful fun, but i am not into the cruel humiliation. I don’t mind when my Mistress laughs and giggles at that fact that I am stroking it for her or if her and her friends find it funny that i am still hard from all the giggles. That does turn me on, learned long ago that whatever pain i can endure to make Mistress happy is what i will do.

    • olivia

      You’re so right scott! There’s an art to doing erotic humiliation! There’s the comments (and giggles) that are so HOT and I see that you are turned to jelly with the wicked, sweet tease……tease and torment, right m’dear? ~giggles~ Of course!

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Olivia,i did enjoy your laugh when we
    talked on the phone.Thankyou for such a great
    experience.Thankyou.sincerly yours sissy slave ted

    • olivia

      Thanks slave ted! ~grinz~ Well, your lil sissy slave self was very funny and I do like to laugh! Thanks for calling…..see?…..sissy slaves are VERY useful! ~giggles~

  • John Q

    Mistress Olivia,

    Monday sounds good but Sunday comes 23 hours sooner! Yep, 23 hours. Why would I wait?

    This blog post quickens my pulse and drains a bit of blood from my head … Aw Mistress … You know … don’t you?

    Oh and about the preference for variety discussed above? I love variety too but just happen to believe I can find tremendous variety all within one person. Well, perhaps a two mistress call from time to time to spice things up but I’d always want the one who knows me best at my side.

    Yes, I think you know …


    • olivia

      ~smiles~ at John Q….just send you an email about timing on Sunday (if that works for you, let me know on email).
      Oh I absolutely agree about finding variety in one person….AND….let me tell you about my favorite playmate, Ms Delia. You’ve seen her on The Pain Mistress and her main solo blog is
      She’s SMART, astute, talented and sooooooo sexy! We are friend-friends way beyond work friends. Our 2 Mistress calls are off the charts….~swoons~

  • John Q

    Oh yes … I’ve read many of Mistress Delia’s posts. Many!!! You choose your friends well Mistress. I chose you for some pretty good reasons but I can tell you, her posts get me going. Soooooo hot! OMG! Your new little subbie will probably be begging you for protection! LOL

    People (in real life) think I make a lot of impulsively quick decisions. I know they sometimes think I’m a bit reckless. I’m not. Then they give me credit for being smarter than I am. Wrong again. Sooooo wrong. What they don’t see is all of the research. I do that quickly and privately.

    Sooooo?, what’s the point, you ask?

    The thing is, before I started my conversational dance with you I browsed literally hundreds of blog posts by LDW’s rather impressive lineup of Mistresses. That’s not even including NiteFlirt and a few smaller organizations. You haven’t seen me splash my comments all over the net in some type of shotgun approach. It’s not my way.

    Research … quickly and privately. One choice … one point of focus … loyalty. That’s my way. This way has served me well.

    Mistress … I’ve been yours for quite sometime now. You gave me time to heal. Time to come to you. I love your patient seductive ways. Confidence and Dominance … and caring. So sexy.

    But, Mistress, YOU planted the seed by quoting me in your “What Makes LDW Different?” blog. Perhaps, in some way, you chose me long before.

    • olivia

      OH OH OH, did I quote you in the What Makes LDW different blog? In the audio with all the quotes?
      I *do* think you’re right that people end up with people with compatible outlooks and attitudes. I absolutely ADORE Ms Delia …. she’s smart, sexy, plays in real life & safety conscious AND she has a great attitude! I just finished a reply to you about feeling blessed by challenging life circumstances and one of the things that I respect about Ms Delia is she also has an attitude of gratitude. Not because she has been *protected* by life but because she has and is experiencing life in ALL the aspects of life…..and can generate an attitude of gratitude/joy. I gravitate to people like that because their attitude/work ethic builds me up (energy/experience/resources/support).
      Having talked with you now, I am loving these blog comments because I have an even clearer understanding! I can tell you without reservation that you will ADORE Ms Delia and she will adore you! This will be a perfect fit! ~grinz~
      And, you made me laugh at the ~begging for protection~ part of your comment….you WILL be begging ~grinz~ that’s for SURE!
      ~blows a kiss and more~

  • John Q is where you quoted me. Sooooo, it would seem, our connection began very shortly after I arrived. Why am I not surprised?

    Yes, compatibility is a very complex thing. There’s a cliché to describe almost every possible combination. Sometimes birds of a feather get together. Other times, just like like puzzle parts … opposites attract.

    But, Mistress?, two dominant birds of a feather getting together to have fun toying with one hapless little submissive puzzle part? Now, that’s in a totally different cliché book, is it?

    Can’t wait Mistress,


    • olivia

      Get outta town! That’s YOU? ~laughs~ You have quite simply made my day! So, let me just tell you what that comment caused. It got sent out by Ms Ally to everyone in LDW Group….I (obviously) got very inspired and created the poll on EE. I had some wonderful conversations full of JOY with fellow Mistresses, Dispatchers and management …. I had delightful conversations with fellow EE members …. and these conversations were so much FUN (and so joyful) that it inspired me to do the audio —- which caused more conversations that were JOYFUL! I’m telling you, JOY is a huge huge huge turn on for me….did I say I like JOY, oh yes, I think I might have mentioned that!
      So THANK YOU for being the inspiration for JOY in my life and the lives of others!

  • John Q


    I believe our footsteps have an effect on our world not unlike the ripples in a pond after a stone is tossed in. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of knowing how those particular footsteps played out within LDW.

    Aw Mistress?, Saturday morning seems so far away. 23 hours away. 23 hours again? What’s with that? I’m being to think 23 hours has some significance for us.

    Ya know?, I’m desperate to be with my experienced pain mistress again. Anticipation doesn’t come close to describing the ache I feel. It’s going to be a very long 23 hours …


    • olivia

      ~giggles~ I know I’m late approving this comment but sometimes I do get behind in blog comments. Still I had to laugh when I read this again! ~smiles~
      An-Ti-Ci-PATION ……..

  • John Q


    Mistress Olivia,

    I don’t wait very well sometimes … duh! Thank you for the total brain reset this morning!

    Ya know?, I feel a bit sorry for any guy that hasn’t known the pleasure of your company! But then again, you’re already pretty busy … and it’s already hard enough to wait for my turn!

    Soooo, Maybe it’s best they don’t know! 😉 Shhhhhhhh!!

    Have a simply wonderful day. I know I will … and I look forward to seeing you again quite soon … for my full therapy session!


    • olivia

      ~giggles~ Trouble waiting? You? Nooooooooo! ~grinz~
      Ahhhhh, you know that my personality, style and direct manner isn’t for everyone. I firmly believe that we attract those that we are supposed to be with … sometimes it’s for a reason, sometimes and season and sometimes for a lifetime. The trick is …. hmmmmmm …. I don’t know what the trick is. ~laughs~ I’m still grappling with and learning this one so I have no sooths to say!
      I will say that “busy on the phone” is a good thing!

  • John Q


    Yes, soooooo … here’s to our reasons and seasons. 🙂

    Well, I’m a bit brain dead. I’ve just come off of two solid days of stressful work. More to do in the morning. Good productive work, but I’m worn out! Worn out, but not satisfied!

    Hmmmmm? I know my Mistress knows how to fix that!

    Aw Mistress … kidding aside, I do believe you hold that key. Do you remember the old Brewer and Shipley lyrics? … It was kind of an obscure song. More of an expression of feeling than a song really.

    Oh, sweet lady
    Hold my weary head
    Come, sweet lady
    Lie here on the bed
    Lately I feel so confused
    But you know what to do

    I don’t know why exactly but those words resonate for me tonight. I know I’m a bit slow Mistress but I long for you to teach me more about the submissive side of me that yearns to serve you. Show me Mistress.

    Well … Mistress … Your imagination frees me … balances me. I smile each time I think back to our last session. I know you put a lot of forethought into that session. Thank you. Your wicked alter ego is irresistible … truly Mistress. I hope she can come out to play again soon! I hope she let’s herself go and plays even harder!

    Aw, now look what you just did! (Yeah, small and hard to see, I know). 😉

    Well, I’m going to get some much needed sleep and call you again soon. I’ll send you a few scene notes to play with.

    You’re the best!


    • olivia

      ~laughs~ at the small and hard to see comment! heee heee heee
      Ahhhh, imagination is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?