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Mistress style of the Experienced Mistress

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

What is My Mistress style?

The most common question I’m asked is whether I am a sensual or strict Mistress.   I like to point out that My personal style tends to be on a continuum of various styles.  That means I’m not stuck is a box.

Sensual or strict Mistress

I can be a sensual Mistress, a Hardcore Mistress or anything in between.  I tend to move back and forth (and around) on the available ways of being.   When you’re calling for domination phone sex one of the first things I will ask you is YOUR understanding of domination or cock control.  This is to make sure we’re on the same page.

If you’re a girly girl and want check out My new blog for the girls, check out Crossdressers Phone Sex and ENJOY!

Sexually assertive woman versus a Mistress

Sometimes when I begin to ask questions of My phone sex caller, I realize that he is not really looking for a Mistress.  He simply wants a woman to be assertive and take the lead in the sexual activities.  And, that is GREAT!  I love doing those calls.  Others are looking for something beyond merely being in control of the sex, they’re looking for a Mistress or a Femdom.

What is a Femdom?

The most basic definition is a woman who is sexually dominant but, to My mind, that is a mushy definition.  I have generally been the sexual leader simply because I’m adventurous and creative.  It wasn’t until I got out of My 20’s that I began to realize that more was available.

What is YOUR style?

So, I’ll throw the question back to you.  What do YOU like on your calls?  Do you like the range of attitudes, styles and physical techniques?  Do you like to start sensual and then have a bit of a kick when appropriate?  Or you do prefer it starts one way and stays that way?  I’m curious, so please post your comments here.

Ms Olivia



43 comments to Mistress style of the Experienced Mistress

  • I personally admire how quick you work to learn each individual; we are different and have different wants (or needs). I am Very Thankful to get to know You,”Mistress Olivia” & I Thank You for taking your time to get to know each and every individual you’re in contact with. You ARE a Great Mistress & this post is Awesome!! Like I said,” We’re all different”. The fact is; You keep up with each one of us and That Amazes me. Thank You for being there for All of us & myself. You’re very beautiful & Very Smart! I wish you a Very Good Valentines Day. I hope you don’t mind this; Kiss & Hugg. Thank You for EVERYTHING!!

    • olivia

      Awww, thank YOU dear pet! Yes, one of the things that I bring to the table (so to speak) as an Experienced Mistress is …. well …. experience! ~laughs~ Just writing that I wanted to say, DUH! But, that’s true. AND, I actually DO care about each one and want to make each time special and individualized! Actually, that is also what makes My enjoyment of this a continuing passion! I was talking with another Mistress the other day and we both started laughing at said at the same thing, “There’s always something NEW!” And there IS! I’m so thrilled that we’ve connected!

  • jake

    i love for a woman to make me dress up in some panties and heels a bra.. then go to salon for a pedi.. once done wear just the bra panties and heels and be her and her friends maid

  • jake

    lacy boyshorts all the way and high open toe heels

  • jake

    of course i am.. i always wear panties.. i have heels on now too

  • jake

    how do i audition? im ready for the job

    • olivia

      Fantastic! You can write comments here about your sissy maid qualifications. I know you said you can’t call so this might be a good option for you. I answer these comments pretty quickly. Of course, you also know about the sexy texting option. If you’d like to do that then that would be fine as well 🙂 It’s totally your choice! 🙂

  • jake

    i have the maid master dress me up in panties and heels bra and do makeup.. i will go to salon for a pedi… once i return i will wear just the panties bra and heels and clena your house do your laundry get you and your friends drinks cook dinner and do the dishes.

  • jake

    its a femdom master which was my girlfriend but time to time she had her bull come watch too

  • jake

    yes i do.. an sometimes i have to clean up his “mess”

    • olivia

      ~smiles~ Well then! I think you would also enjoy That’s another blog of Mine and today’s blog post is Seduced to Eat Cum by Mistress. I think Mistress will need to include that in your sissy performance review, won’t I? ~smiles~

  • Kristen

    Good evening Mistress Olivia,
    I love your post on style, and how you vary your style in a call. As a submissive, I love your sensual style, but also very much love being put in my place when your voice takes on that “no nonsense” tone.

    After reading this, I found myself browsing through your photos, and was captivated once again by your lovely ass in latex…which brought me right to the edge…..but not over! alas! Looking forward to our next conversation.

    • olivia

      Why thank you so much for your comment kristen! I love that thrill ride of surprises from each call! Your call in particular was so much fun because you also go the BDsm fetish/kink Educator! ~laughs~ You really got the full experience of this Experienced Mistress! I can’t wait until you the get item that we talked about and I can show you how to play with it! ~smiles~ Thank you again for leaving blog comments! You can tell, I love blog comments!

  • vanessa green

    Mistress Olivia,

    First of all, let me thank you for allowing me to post on your blog and of course for letting me entertain you Yesterday!

    i’m sure you can be much more dominate and strict, than you were, on our call Yesterday! But honestly, i’d be embarrassed, if you would of had to use more, than a gentle or a stern reminder, to get me to act appropriately! So, i don’t know how dominate you felt. when you gave me permission to entertain you, since i striped and stroked, edged, and played for you when and how you directed me to, with out hesitation i complied!

    i really liked, that you controlled me the way you did, you made my toys seem to come alive! It was so awesome Mistress, the way you used me, and my toys! Always knowing, how much of my toy to use, how deep to insert it, and how fast, to have me ride it and of course which hole to fill with it! i’d almost say you had me relaxed, on our call, and my toy slide right in, but that wouldn’t be appropriate, would it! It is more realistic, to say, that you had me aroused enough, that i just gobbled it up! Took it deep! Or, Swallowed it down! Your interest, in my experiences and desires felt so real that, all i wanted to do was impress you with my abilities! i simply can’t wait, until you desire to play with me again!

    So, in answer to your question as to what kind of Mistress, i prefer, i like the Mistress, who took me and played with me Yesterday, no matter how Dominate or Sensual she was or should be labeled! i was simply thrilled by your interest in me and wouldn’t change a thing, other than the length of the call! i would have preferred to be played with the rest of the day!

    However, when your on a call with me, the thing that is important is that you can be as dominate or as sensual, as you feel you need to be, while using me! It is my desire that a call with me be a memorable and fulfilling call for you (the Mistress!) After all, a lot of strokers desire membership in your academy each day and i want to stand out and be one of Mistress’ favorite Coed’s and build a reputation unrivaled by others here! Remember, it’s your pleasure before mine!



    • olivia

      YOU are totally amazing vanessa…..~laughs~ very…ahem….LIMBER! I was totally thrilled to finally meet you and get to SEE your willingness to play for Me! Oh yes, I can be strict (stern voice) but, as you can tell, there’s also a playful and flirty side to Me that you certainly brought out in your call! Of course, you’re right….I didn’t have to be the Strict Dominant Mistress with you because you are very willing and you comply to requests without hesitation. And, you’ve got Me pegged correctly some days are more overtly Femdom when I have the choice during a call…it totally depends on the vibe between Me and you! You are an absolute DELIGHT! Keep up the good…..~grinz~…!

  • Jake

    Hello Mistress, I enjoy your style of domination. No other Mistress can control my cock quite like you 🙂
    Thank you for your wonderful style, cant wait too talk to you again x

    • olivia

      Thank you so much for your call today and for your regular calls jake! You are a delightful stroker pet and, I’ll admit, even when I have you in orgasm denial, I DO enjoy seeing your throbbing hard cock! ~grinz~

  • jake

    hi there miss olivia.. i auditioned for a new job yesterday!!

  • jake

    yes i did! panties bra got a pedi and then wore heels.. i cleaned the house for her and her girlfriends i served them drinks made them lunch and then serviced their friend.

  • Hello Mistress Olivia,

    I arose early this morning with the intent of being such a good boy, but I got side tracked on the Internet and happened across your Academy. I am an outstanding masturbater . . . though I do suffer from bouts of lack of control, boring masturbation, and an inability to carry through on such difficult issues as ruined orgasm, chastity for even short periods of time, and simply dwelling too much on this intoxicating practice. I could use direction.

    Therefore, I would love to call you on my next business trip when I engage in a masturdate and conclude the evening by fucking of my fist. (Left or right tonight? hmmmmmm!)

    In the meantime, I ask if you could be so kind to share with me direction on just what I should practice when gazing on your sexy photos (full release, ruination, denial, prolonged masturbation, anal pleasures, impact play, self-stimulation of my nipples to orgasm, exploration of that altogether too little talked about perineum (just the other day a massuese did a number on mine and I’ve been meaning to further explore what seems a rich source of pleasure–albeit self-pleasure), etcetera and so forth).
    Your future phone sex partner,

    • olivia

      ~giggles~ You arose with the intent of being good…..but how does THAT work with morning wood? LOL Ohhhhhhh, you’re a expert at masturbation? YAY! Well, you’re in the right place here at the Cock Stroker Academy. You’ll find all sorts of ways to….ahem….spice up your masturbation! OH and you get some great visuals that you won’t see regularly! The extra naughty sex photos are in the password protected section so I’m really glad that you sent an email asking for the password!
      Let’s talk about what you should do in your next session with Me, since it will be personal and individual to you. Until then, enjoy the more general Cock Stroker Academy masturbation assignments and other sexy things here on My blog! I’m VERY excited to get to know you better!

  • Ms Anns steph

    Curtsey Ms Olivia

    I’ve just read your blog on this particular topic and have enjoyed reading the comments of those before me. Some really great comments. Thank you for posting, and thank you for the privilage of reading. My style? I suppose it’s like you say…”I tend to move back and forth (and around) on the available ways of being.” Honestly, I’m not quite sure of how to respond. The problem? Well, it’s that I consider myself a trans girl, and know that really has nothing to do with being submissive…a trans girl can be submissive too. It is my wish and desire that perhaps Mistress would teach/train me on being a true girl…I am so behind on being a girl, but I have and will continue to learn things on my own. I do believe I have great taste in wardobe, it’s the finer things I beleive I’d like help with.. like.. just how does a girl think, just how often does she think about a nice cock?…I hope this is giving some idea of where I’m coming from. Concerning applying for the position of Sissy Maid, well, I’ve been thinking for a while now of composing a resume that hopefully would list out my qualifications as a sissy maid, and I’d compose a cover letter. I think it would even be nice to see IF I could get some letter’s of recmommendation.



    • olivia

      Thank you so much for your comment Steph! I’m so glad you said that being a trans girl is outside of kinky play! Or, I’m saying that but you hinted at that. Because you ARE female….that’s real, not kink! I don’t even think of you as a crossdresser. I think of you as a girl….so, DUH, you’re wearing feminine clothing. Does that make sense?
      Now… are also delightfully kinky and kink friendly! ~smiles~ Which, of course, I enjoy and appreciate! And that is separate from your femininity.
      Post your questions here and I’ll start answering them on My Crossdressers Phone Sex blog.
      OH and that is the blog where I’ll be posting your Journey to Steph! I’m very excited about that. Now, I just need to get the posts UP! The work of a Mistress is never done! ~smiles~

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  • […] accessory, is a way of communicating.  So, think about what you want to communicate.  This Experienced Mistress style is often a combo of sensuality, education and some wicked naughtiness! […]

    • olivia

      What is YOUR appearance communicating about you and what you need? Hmmmmm? Extra make up, a certain outfit, maybe your shoes? Do tell!

  • bumkin

    I think You know by now i luv You sensual. Even when i feel the need to be punished for your enjoyment i prefer You to be more playful. I think You can tell in the fantasies i write You that even when You strict or demanding its more for my training. As Your pet i enjoy be playfully punished when im good and punished to train me the right way when im bad. I enjoy being Your pet and look forward to the sensual denial, cock control, playful punishments and any new training sessions to come. Thank You Mistress Olivia for Owning me.

    • olivia

      I *do* see that pet! I’ve noticed that your stories tend to go further into the “punishment because you’ve been bad” type of vibe that we’ve gone. Did you want to experience more of that on calls? I don’t really get that vibe from you on a call but we can certainly experiment with that. I do know that when I’ve told you things that I want you to change or do differently you’re always quick to do them….so I’m not sure if you’d like the Punishment Mistress vibe from Me….I think that would be icky for you. That’s MY read. Here’s what I can suggest and I’d like you to think about it. Ms Constance, Ms Violet and I all have the sensual and playful vibe going with you….we CAN, if you like, bring in someone as the strict Mistress for the punishment types of sessions. I would suggest Ms Delia for that….now she is totally sweet and sensual and AMAZING but she can be (with you) JUST strict and punishment play.
      Here’s My reasoning…..
      a punishment has to be something that you do NOT like in order for your to ‘feel’ the sensations of being punished. You’re a pain slut so pain play is actually a reward for you. The neurobiology and the psychology gets glommed up if your ‘reward’ is used as a real time punishment.
      Does that make sense or do I need to explain it better?

      • bumkin

        I think my idea of punishment may be just different than others. I am a pain slut because I know how much all of you enjoy listening to me enjoy the
        Light pain that iI receive. Punishment is the only word that I know to best describe the “my pain for your pleasure”. I know you all don’t want to really Hurt me, but you do enjoy the laughing moans I do, right?? And I love them to. Yes Yes I want to be Rewarded with “punishment” because I think we All get some joy from it, right??

        • olivia

          Hmmmm……nope, I think we’re saying the same thing here….or at least not saying different things…although we are saying it differently.

          Yes, we like the moans and gasps….but remember the difference between erotic pain and pain that isn’t enjoyable.

          I’ll speak for Myself but I know this holds true for many a Mistress. It’s the interplay BETWEEN the submissive and the Mistress that is the enjoyable part….and for that to work the submissive ALSO must enjoy whatever is happening.

          I once did a session where the submissive man was on his knees for a long time and then AFTER the session said, wow, that really hurt being on my knees. I was SHOCKED he didn’t say something during the session! I actually don’t like it when a submissive says “I don’t like what’s happening but I’ll suffer through it for Mistress”….here’s My thinking why I don’t like that. First it puts Me in the category of abuser and the submissive as victim. I’ve often said Mistress doesn’t mean bitch. And secondly, I like to play with submissive that retains ownership of the side of the play.

          One of the many things I adore about you bumkin is that you are WONDERFUL to play with!

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  • I always appreciate it when my Mistress disciplines me, after ordering people around all day at work the role reversal is even more enjoyable.

    • olivia

      ahhhhhhhh yes! I’ve heard submission described as an “erotic vacation” and I think this is so true! Thanks for your comment!

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Olivia,

    I like a mistress that is sensuous, yet commands obedience. She should be loving and strict at the same time. Being into guided masturbation, I must be kept in continuous orgasm denial.

    Thank you!