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first time cum eating for this Experienced Mistress

Ms Olivia Femdom cum eating

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

** NEW:  audio of the cum eating journey blog post **

Ms Olivia’s cum eater

He said he was nervous about calling me but once we got to talking he opened up (literally) and made a series of confessions during his phone sex call.  I asked why he was nervous about calling me because I think I’m pretty approachable but you never know.  ~laughs~  Sometimes nervousness is part of the fantasy scene and I’m being literal so I asked him what he meant by the comment.  You’ll find out what he said towards the end of this blog post.

Better masturbation experience

He masturbates alone.  Sometimes he listens to our Mistress free sexy audios.  He loved the erotic audio I did about a guy who sucked his own cock for Mistress.  He watches porn.  But ……..

There is a big difference between the experience of masturbating with someone and doing a solo jerk off.  He knows this so he called the Experienced Mistress as his cum coach.  I know all kinds of tricks including how to find the perfect cum eating position for you.

What can a Femdom Mistress make him do?

That’s one of the things he wanted to find out.  He had the sense that I can make a guy do anything …. And, as he found out, I can.  ~laughs~  Ohhhhhh, yes!

Mistress turns him into a cum eater

He has tasted his cum before but, this time, his fantasy is a bit different.  He wants to become addicted to his own cum.  ~smiles~  He goes on a cum slut journey courtesy of Ms Olivia.

Are YOU ready to go on your own erotic journey?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia



14 comments to first time cum eating for this Experienced Mistress

  • Ms Olivia I just love when someone is nervous and finally gets on the phone with us opens up about what they are into because it shows they trust us and you my sexy friend are one of the best at being able to make a man comfortable and willing to share those kinks with.

    I have no doubt you could have him and any other man do whatever you would like especially when it comes to cum eating mmmmm

    • olivia

      They DO get nervous, don’t they Ms Constance? And this is one reason why your series of Chastity Interviews is sooooo great! Each Mistress can really give a sense of who and how and stuff….. I’ll confess, I do think it’s sexy when he’s nervous because there’s that little bit of zing from being with someone new and …. ~grinz~ …. doing something new! ~smiles~
      Speaking of such, can I do something NEW with you…….~giggles~ ….. hmmmmm, Ms Constance, Hmmmmmmm?

  • Ms. Olivia ~ I just had a call like this. He’s a stroker addict but has found it is so much better with a Mistress. Now he won’t ~ I’m sure he can’t even ~ masturbate alone. He loves to think about licking his cum off of my fingers. Each time, his journey is different. It’s more and yet, it leaves him longing for more. When he strokes his cock for me he’s taken to a place he cannot go alone.

    • olivia

      You so right Kay Marie! Great comment and thank you! When it’s solo ….. it’s pretty much the same thing…because basically he’s with the same person each time, himself. It’s sure one experienced but there are so many experiences available … this really is an example of two heads ARE better than one.

  • Ms Olivia, indeed the cum eaters are the most nervous and apprehensive. Now why. Is it that taboo? Women eat cum all of the time (sometimes with the exception of dominant women, and youre lucky to even get a blowjob out of them) ! Other quiet whispery and nervous types are what I call “The Cuckwhisperers”. Like Ms Constance I too like to get them to open up about it. 50/50 they will actually do it, or hang up. Proof in the “pudding” is seeing them actually do it on cam!

    • olivia

      ~laughs~ Good point Ms Cassandra! For some potential cum eaters, it’s all about the fantasy and the yearning to do it….which can (and does) disappear after he shoots his cum load. BUT, there are ways to make him eat his own cum for Mistress ~wiggles eyebrows~ and we know all those ways. If he’s serious about doing it, he WILL eat his own cum. If not, it can be a fun sexual fantasy ….. UNTIL he is ready …. ~laughs~ and we have a way of making him … ahem … ready, don’t we?

  • Ms Olivia I think it is cute when they are nervous and I like you get a thrill when I open a new kink door for someone and show them how hot it is….and honey you can do ANYTHING you want to me hehehe

    • olivia

      Ohhhhhhhhhh you make me ~swoon~ Ms Constance! Can’t type now because I’m thinking of our last naughty time together. ~grinz~

  • I love it when a new cum eater finally breaks through his resistance to eating cum and takes the plunge, especially if he’s tried to do it on his own and failed. It’s really hard to do it alone because (of course) he loses his motivation without anyone to hold him accountable AND reward him when he’s a good boy. Don’t you think they sound so proud when they finally eat cum for Mistress? So cute. 🙂

    • olivia

      Absolutely Ms Piper! And, for any submissive guy or wanna be cum eater, just hearing the words, “Such a good boy” is a thrill …. after all, part of this naughty play is exploring new kinks and pleasing Mistress! ~grinz~

  • They always have that slight little tremble in their voice when you speak with them for the first time, the cum eaters. I think in the back of their minds they know we can sense their apprehension. I think they also know their fate is already written out. They just need us to help them accept the fact that they will be eating that cum one way or another.

    • olivia

      Ohhhhh yes Ms Alexis! That slight tremble in the voice is sooooo wonderful, isn’t it? There’s a yearning to go over the cliff and yet there’s fear and yet there’s arousal …. and yet …
      There are SO MANY ways to take a first time cum eater over that cum eating cliff! ~laughs~ And, it’s always so much fun, isn’t it?

  • lee8000

    oh my god!!! this comment trail is like being a fly on the wall at a dommes’ night out!! SO hot hearing you all discuss us nervous, hesitant, first-timers 😉

    • olivia

      We DO like to discuss …. ~laughs~ …. have you ever tried a 2 Mistress call? That’s where you REALLY hear us talking about you!