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Cuckold stories: humiliating and exciting at the same time.

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Evolution of a cuckold

He called me breathless and scared.  He and his wife had done some sexy talking in the bedroom about her being with a hot stud.  You know … it’s all fantasy talk.  She told him about a couple of her ex-boyfriends.  One ex-boyfriend in particular was huge …. and when she started talking about his cock, her husband  noticed that she got aroused.  So, they started talking about cuckolding and how hot that would be.  This is how his cuckolding begins ….

cuckold learned her ex-boyfriend comes to town

At this point, her husband isn’t even a cuckold.  They’ve talked about it.  They’ve look at hot cuckold porn.  They’ve even talked about the different types of cuckolds.  He realizes that his wife is actually learning about cuckolding.  That surprises and arouses him.  Then … her ex-boyfriend comes to town and his wife says, she’s going to meet up with him.  What does THAT mean?  Is she going to have sex with her ex-boyfriend?  Will the cuckolding fantasy become REAL?

Cuckold reality

He did become a cuckold that first night.  His hot wife stayed with her ex-boyfriend the entire weekend.  When she got home Sunday night, she was sore and tired but wow, she was so sexually satisfied.  He had never seen her look like this.  The cuck hubby tell this Mistress, “It was humiliating and exciting at the same time.”  This all started as a fantasy in bed.  The fantasy for the husband was to watch a well hung guy fuck his pretty wife.  But now …. now that someone is fucking his wife … what happens now?

I want to hear what happened to YOU.  And I will be sure to tell you all about what happened to that cuckold because I love doing these cuckold stories.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

12 comments to Cuckold stories: humiliating and exciting at the same time.

  • Oh, as one cuckold Mistress to another, you are sooo right with your sentence “This is how his cuckolding begins.” I am sure the writing was on the wall for you. Long before they knew, I am sure you saw what was coming! So glad he has a Mistress like you to guide him through his new way of life! Great post, Ms. O!

    • olivia

      Thanks Ms Meredith! Aren’t the cuckolds the MOST fun!? We can get all the sexual pleasure and satisfaction we deserve and tease or torment our partner. How FUN! ~grinz~

  • This is definitely how it happens! It’s all fun and games until someone gets fucked by a hot stud. 😉 Be careful what you wish for, cuckolds! You may get exactly what you’re fantasizing about, and just like Ms. Olivia says, “What happens now?”

    • olivia

      Ohhhhhhh isn’t that the TRUTH Ms Piper! ~laughs~ With the hot cuckold fantasy it really IS a situation of be careful what you wish for!

  • Weeniewimp

    I am older – late fifties – and as you say, be careful what you wish for – being cuckolded in my mid twenties was a roller coaster of emotions that sent me down a “rabbit hole” so to speak for the rest of my adult life to date. At the time it happened, there was no internet and so having places like this to talk about feelings regarding something like this did not exist. At that time there was lots of talk about “swinging” but I had never heard about cuckolding. I brought up with my wife the fact that I was aroused by the idea of swinging and she thought I was nuts, and that she could never handle the idea me being with another woman, even if she got to be with another guy, which she admitted sounded exciting. We often fantasized about this, with her with another guy , when we had sex and I could tell it very much aroused her. After a year or so, my wife told me that a friend of mine had been flirting with her and she thought that maybe we should see if he would be up for a threesome. I was excited about it but also a little shocked that she seemed ready to actually do. To make a long story short, about a week later he was at our front door and after a few drinks, my wife stood up and let her robe hit the floor and she was standing there naked ….. my heart stopped …..I could hardly breathe.

    • olivia

      Oh MY weeniewimp …. such a fantastic beginning of your own cuckold story …. I’m going to post the second half as a blog post just because I’m feeling extra naughty! ~grinz~ THANKS!

  • weeniewimp

    Thank you, Goddess. I cannot wait to see it. There’s lots more stuff too if you want it

  • marlowe

    I shared my cuckold story with Miss Olivia and she teased me, tied me to a chair, rubbed up against me and then left me hanging…still recovering.

    Thank you Goddess Olivia..and NO lol

    • olivia

      Thanks marlowe — so glad you enjoyed the call! 🙂 NO is still one of the post popular audios ever!

  • Hi gorgeous, “be careful what you wish for” lol … might get more (a lot more,lol) than you bargained for. It might be stressful at first, but in the end you might learn who you really are. Well maybe with a little help. Thanks for the help (I think). Your sooo bad but I still love ya, bye girlfriend.