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Mistress Olivia returns

Mistress returns

Thank you to everyone for your patience!  This Mistress will return tomorrow and I’ll be around through this weekend.  Ready for some wicked and very sensual adult playtime?  You know that I believe in excellent phone sex?  Now I can finally give you my … ahem … total attention to you and your cock control, feminization, domination and MORE.

I’m ready for some erotic conversations

This time away has been amazing!  Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong in my world.  I’ve had several opportunities that were simply too good to pass up … and you know me, I do have an adventurous spirit!  Still …. I MISS YOU and you and you and you and you!  AND YOU!  Just saying.

Holiday and New Year

I can’t wait to hear about your holidays and New Year.  Do you have a fetish resolution?  ~grinz~ Do you WANT to explore some new kinky ideas?  Hey, I’ve got a bunch of really fun ideas … maybe you’d like to sort of explore something that has made you nervous in the past … don’t worry, I’m gentle … except, of course, when I’m not!

Send Mistress an email

It’s probably going to be busy but I promise to answer your emails quickly!  If you haven’t sent an email before, my email is olivia AT  Of course, the fastest way to connect is simply pick up the phone.  As always, we can talk about anything and I can’t wait to hear your naughtiest thoughts, ideas and fetish scenes.

Let’s get wicked together!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


21 comments to Mistress Olivia returns

  • magnus

    Welcome back, MsOlivia! Very cool on those opportunities You’ve had. I know You wowed them!

  • Pchplayer

    Welcome back, you have been missed. Not just you but your insightful, intelligent blog posts as well.

    • olivia

      Thanks player! WHEW it’s super busy but the blogs are coming …. oh wait, YOU are the one who is cumming ! ~laughs~

  • Happy 2016 Ms Olivia! So good to have you back. I’m sure your submissives were going absolutely insane without your firm hand and ample bosom to guide them down the perverted path. Did you bring back any naughty souvenirs from your wild holiday antics?

    • olivia

      I’ve got all sorts of naughty stories! We’ll catch up and I might make you blush … oh wait, maybe NOT blush lol

  • Sounding Boy

    I’m so happy you’re back. I thought you’d left and I wouldn’t get another opportunity to repeat the wonderful session we had.

    • olivia

      I can’t wait! Are the sounds all ready? Are YOU ready? That was smoking HOT!

      • Sounding Boy

        Oh, I’m so ready. I can’t wait for you to help me stretch again. This time I’m ready to stretch my other hole for you too. That was VERY smoking hot!

        • olivia

          Ohhhhhhhhh YES! I’m away this weekend but I’m here on Friday! ~grinz~ Ready to get the weekend off to an achingly great start?

  • TeasedM

    Welcome back Mistress Olivia. I am happy that You really enjoyed Your time away.
    I am aching for ‘The Experienced Mistress’!
    It will get me in trouble – but I need You and You are more than worth the trouble.

  • mike

    Yeah!!! Welcome back Ms Olivia. I hope your time away was filled with all kinds of fun!!!

    • olivia

      I had a great time away … did WAY too many projects but hey that’s the fun of coming back — being able to look at all the naughty changes and go WOW! Ask me about the projects the next time we talk. Ohhhhh I’ve got some stories!

  • sph

    Yay! Yay! And YAY! Welcome back Mistress Olivia! it has missed You! Hope to connect SOON!

  • olivia

    Hey look it’s petey cream puff! Thanks for the photos … I see things are progressing nicely for you and that’s GREAT!

  • Happy New Year, and welcome back, Ms. Olivia! It’s great to have you back at the fempire. I hope that you had wild and fun times on your adventures away. I’m sure you have some stories to tell! I hope your 2016 is off to a fantastic start, and I trust your strokers and sissies are giving you a nice welcome back.

    • olivia

      OH! Stories galore! I’m glad to be back … while contractors are uber fun to look at — you know tool belts and all — I’ve missed everyone here and it’s great to come back to my kinky home where I can be ME! I know you know what I mean 🙂

  • Christina Gizelle

    Hi mistress. I’ve missed you very much. I hope all is well. Hugs your shared birthday month sissy.

    Sissy Nylon Ballerina