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Fetish curiosity

When you explore a fetishfetish question for the Experienced Mistress Olivia

Listen to me read you this blog post.

I got a great question in a blog comment:  “Around what age do you feel most men begin to explore other sexual ideas/new things and why?”  This is the type of Mistress question that I love because it makes me think and I like that.  I know from my own fetish exploration that it really is a journey … just like all of life.  As each of us grow, we change and learn.  I’m not the person I was in my 20’s and that’s a good thing.  As we add years, we also add experiences and that means a more nuanced appreciation of life.

Feminization as an example

I’m going to use feminization as an example: I’ve always been non-judgmental about gender and curious how each person describes his or her gender.  Being open allows me to explore many sexual role-play and feminization scenes from a position of acceptance, grace and joy.  I know some vanilla women get freaked out if a man wants to explore his feminine side.  I think those women are missing out on some amazing relationships.

Naughty and kinky

I’ve also noticed that erotic fantasy life changes.  Just like you got tired of eating kid-friendly meals, you get tired of the same fantasy decade after decade. Here’s how one caller describes the thrill of the naughty:

“It wasn’t until recently that eating my own cum, being a sissy boy or possibly even sucking a dildo for the thrill-sucking the real thing will never happen for me..I’m not gonna reveal my age but I’m established professionally, work hard and have what most would call a typical kinda life.  Who would ever know I’m dying to eat my own cum and can’t? “

When is the right time to reveal a sexual fantasy?

I’m going to post my answer in the next blog post because the caller asks a specific question about cum eating and his girlfriend.  For now though I will say that anyone explores a new fetish because of various reasons: boredom, an adventurous spirit, it looks naughty.  There are many reasons why and the question about WHEN to explore is this:  Whenever the urge hits!  ~laughs~ You had to see that answer coming, didn’t you?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


6 comments to Fetish curiosity

  • yvonne

    Interesting question, while I have had the desire to dress as a woman from a very early age I started really dressing in my late thirties. I guess you could almost call it a mid life crisis.


    • Olivia

      30’s is a mid life crisis? ~laughs~ I think sometimes a human being has to get some age to sort of grow into the self … maybe it’s acceptance, maybe it’s being tossed around by life, maybe it’s learning that you can’t please everyone, …. who knows what it is but I do know that time takes time and something like gender identity and erotic pleasure often takes a certain about of time to really explore.

      • yvonne

        Well I was nearly 40 lol!! I think you are right. It takes a great deal of self reflection and that takes time. It takes time to really like yourself. Not everyone achieves that.

        • Olivia

          YES! What you’re describing yvonne is the self awareness, self acceptance and self actualization that is intrinsic of the human experience. It is not for the faint of heart … not matter what nail color you wear!

  • Ms Olivia- I am hopeful that as we talk to more and more people, we are able to make them more comfortable exploring the kinks and fetishes that catch their interests. With enough communication and encouragement, in addition to the exploration, soon they may be able to embrace that which makes them happy. Life is too short to wonder “what if?” Take the leap to find out! I’m glad your callers have such a motivating and encouraging Mistress!

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