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Oodles of ways to eat cum for your Mistress

So many ways to eat cum!eat cum says Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to my voice tell you the many ways to eat cum.

When you are coached to lick up your own cum from a cum loving Mistress, you will get lots of creative ways to eat cum.  You might even get games and cum eating challenges for the cum lover in you.

Cum and go syndrome

If you lose the urge to eat cum after you have an orgasm, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Many current splooge junkies had trouble at first.  Just keep having fun with what you’re doing.  You’ll know when you’re …. ahem … ready and willing.

Combining cum eating with a favorite fetish

One way to enjoy cum eating is to combine it with your favorite body worship!  Sissy Lena loves cum and she’s got a lot of ways to eat cum — here’s her list of cum splattered favorite places:

  • hand of Mistress
  • breasts of Mistress
  • feet of Mistress (wiggles my pretty cum covered toes)
  • legs of Mistress
  • pussy of Mistress (if you’re really lucky!)
  • stockings of Mistress (you know who you are!)
  • boots/shoes of Mistress (a personal favorite of mine!)
  • strapon of Mistress (down on your knees bitch!)

Are you ready for your cum eating challenge?

I know you are!  And, believe me, I’m ready for you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


28 comments to Oodles of ways to eat cum for your Mistress

  • Jim

    Eating cum for Olivia is a real treat. She is a captivating mistress and she can get you to do things out of your comfort zone. Example: eating my own jizz off the bottom of my wife’s friends shoe, on cam, I might add. I don’t think anything can be more humiliating than that, especially on camera. The mix of semen, and dirt is a taste that’s hard to explain. Just try it, you’ll like it.

    The only thing that I can think more humiliating would be if she forced me to give myself a golden shower on cam! Drinking my own piss while she laughs at me and forces me to divulge person info, would be the ultimate experience. I know, I’m a sick bastard, but losers like us need to keep LDW mistresses entertained with new, ever-increasing examples of devotion. We are nothing without them and whatever they say, especially Olivia, goes. Thank you Olivia, I love you!

  • Cum eating is one of those delicate fetishes where the more you want something, the more difficult it is to achieve it. I like the way you present all the various ways to head down the path of eating one’s cum. You can try one and build up, then another and build up. And before you know it, you’re a full-fledged jizz slurper! Ms Olivia is one of the BEST cum eating coaches with LDW and she can absolutely give you a personalized plan for success.

  • Sounding Boy

    I love eating my cum for you!

  • I have noticed it is easier to eat one’s spunk if you don’t allow yourself to have “real”, full and satisfying orgasm with cooling period afterwards, but a ruined one. Even though chastity is my main fetish these days, earlier I ended up letting myself have several ruined orgasms earlier this year. I have this technique, in which I masturbate with my bladder full, and as I start to get hot and horny, I push my lower abdomen sharply while at the same pulling the skin of my penis back. That does the trick every time, and I get a nice little ruined orgasm usually with one spurt, a few seconds later. Being still extremely turned on and horny it feels much easier to slurp up your cum immediately.

    • Olivia

      Oh that’s a nice one simon bee !!!! Are you under the instruction of a Mistress or are you doing this on your own?

      • It as, as they say, complicated. I have been without a girlfriend or a Mistress over a year now, and the spunk eating instances I mentioned happened without one, as well. Since then I have gotten an on-line female friend who likes the idea of me being completely cumless for her, meaning I won’t have even those kind of ruined ones, anymore. I merely shared my story in case someone finds my little technique helpful. 🙂

        • Olivia

          Were you looking for a Mistress?

          • Like I said, I have my special female friend, who is very keen on the idea of not letting me cum for her. This will mean I won’t have possibilities for cumming, let alone cum slurping for quite some time, but it’s a small price to pay for making someone happy.

            She hasn’t been on-line for almost a week now, which naturally makes me very horny and sad, because I see no reason even to edge all alone. I do consider her my “owner” and sometimes that means being neglected, I suppose.

            • Olivia

              I know you’re worried about the time it takes for comments to be approved. I’m getting a call so I’m approving without any other comment.

  • TeasedM

    Mistress Olivia – I still remember the day that You helped Mistress Tia make sure I ‘finally’ slurped down my own cum.
    That ‘WOW, I can’t believe how easy it was for the Mistresses to make me do it’ feeling was with me for days.
    You MADE it happen for me – I could not resist by the time You where done with me.
    I haven’t talked to You in far too long! The sound of Your voice would have me begging to eat cum for You.

  • TeasedM

    I didn’t know that You had a testing and certification program Ms Olivia.

    I would love to have a final exam with You Ms Olivia.
    Then on to the next step in training – CUM EATING NINJA???

    What are the steps between CERTIFIED CUM EATER and CUM EATING NINJA??

  • Arthur

    My cum eating fantasy is eating cum that is on top of dog food and barking between bites . Would you find it amusing.

  • Nexux

    i can only say i would ANY cum for You Miss Olivia,- though most of my cumulating is “only” precum due to my “no-release-permitted” life,- but i do LOVE cum!!
    From my point of view,- all beta males should welcome any cum they are allowed to eat!

  • Your slut

    Perhaps she could make ou cum in a glass and fill lit up with your piss right after so that you can have the best cocktail

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