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Quick tip to get into sissy subspace

Slip into your sissy subspacesissy in panties for Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me read you this blog about your sissy subspace.

Let’s talk about Dominance and submission.  You might be an Alpha male when you’re in your male persona.  You might be submissive when en femme.  Many things can trigger your sissy subspace.  The surefire way to get you there is to put you in panties.

What puts you in subspace?

For some of you simply being in the presence of your Mistress will produce that slide into subspace.  Telling me your erotic confession is powerful.  One caller says,

“The thought of telling you my deepest sexual secrets is powerfully attractive to me.”

If we can’t talk on the phone, cruise around my blog

This caller loves my audios and blog posts.  All this free sexy is general but can still be tons of fun.  In her words:

“For example, “sub space for a crossdresser” has my panties tenting but there is also a general thrill and sexual tension in my body as I read the post.  Little things make me think that I’ve been yearning for that sort of experience for a long time.

When I was first a sissy, I would layer lingerie, even multiple panties, and always seemed to drift toward some vague scenario of being trapped and potentially discovered wearing girl’s panties… struggling and couldn’t get them off.

I had a favorite fantasy that I was the girl at prom and my date wanted to have sex but all there was was delicious fumbling with slips, half-slips, and panties until I would cum so hard.

I had at one time a red rubber ball gag with a leather strap that would immediately make me feel… I can’t really describe it but maybe it’s subspace?  Being trapped, tied, or locked into lingerie, sissy dresses, high heels, etc. are all arousing to me.”

Are you yearning to be a trapped, tricked or captured as my sissy?

Oh, honey, you need to get with me right now!  I’ve got your back … Okay, I’ve also got your butt but that’s another blog post.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


12 comments to Quick tip to get into sissy subspace

  • Sissy Greggie

    You ALWAYS have MY butt, hee! 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    How do I go about being in sissy space? And yes you have captured/trapped and tricked me into being your cream puff sissy girl as you along with Ms Delia. It’s been awhile since last call and I plan on starting back up again as I miss doing calls with you. My feminization has stepped up as I’ve bought more dresses/choke tops/2 silk blouses(in which I’ve never worn) more women’s pull up slacks in girlish colors(wine/brown/black) another bra in wine color. I also went to clinque bought foundation/pink roll on blush/3 shades of burgundy lipstick. Along with 3 different shades of lipstick in eggplant/burgundy shade. My masseuses gf owns a women’s clothing company and she talked me into buying women’s clothes. I’m going to bring all that I bought for my masseuse and show her and hope she wants to try blush/foundation/lipsticks on along with taking pictures of me in dresses/clothes/bra/panties/heels/slip. It’s long overdue and time for her and my 2 friends to start taking control of me in female lead relationship.

  • John Q

    Hello Mistress,

    Long time, no see. I regret that having 24 hour live-ins has made privacy so elusive for me these days. It’s just my life, ya know? But dad’s doing well and so is work.

    I do follow your blog but Since I’m not an active customer I refrain from posting.

    Couldn’t resist this one though.

    Sub space… literally, another world sleeping inside, waiting to awaken. There’s a phrase I like to use in part of my work … “we’re oblivious till we’re not.” Soooooo applicable. I loved tumbling down that rabbit hole with you! Of course, I never found the one pill that makes me larger, but then, you know that, don’t you? 😉

    “Trapped, tricked or captured.” Oooooh, that’s my evil therapist! You’re the best, Olivia. I miss our calls. The sexy parts. The friendship parts. You got me from the beginning. I live in my male persona most all the time now … okay, but kinda boring … longing for my sub-space alter-ego to come back out to play.

    Ah Mistress. I do miss you. But at least my girlfriend is satisfied and happy!

    Your devoted John Q.

    • Olivia

      Hey !!!!! I was just thinking of you ! I’m so glad you’re okay … ahhhhh, being an adult SUCKS (and not the good kind of sucking!) … and yet, that is what each of us is destined to do every now and then.
      I LOVE knowing that you read my blog … feel free to post! I love getting comments.

  • Sounding Boy

    Oh that picture! You know I’ve always loved your ass. That picture makes me think how glorious it would be to have you squatted over my face grinding your pussy and asshole over it while I tasted and smelled the wonderful aroma.

  • Nikki

    Shoes – a nice pair of heels immediately does it. 🙂

  • princess

    I love your thoughts on sissy subspace! I can’t wait to try a call with you and Mistress Constance to experience it first hand! BTW……the photo that accompanies this post makes me weak in the knees (and ready to worship!)

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