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Power exchange and humiliation by Mistress

Many ways to experience power exchangefetish question for the Experienced Mistress Olivia

Listen to me talk to you about power dynamics in a D/s relationship.

In any relationship between Dominant and submissive, there are all sorts of ways for you to experience power exchange.  I use my personal Mistress style to help you test out things to find out what is right for you.

Sometimes people use our phone sex connection to explore power dynamics — many people say this feels like an erotic vacation where you get to take a break from always being in charge.  You give up control to your Mistress.

Are you ready to submit to Mistress?

If you are new to BDsm or don’t have experience with kink, then you might not know exactly what you want.  That’s okay.  There are lots of ways to see if you are ready for Domination.  You might just want a woman who is sexually assertive.  That’s not what kinksters talk about when we refer to power dynamics — but it’s still fucking HOT!  (just saying)

Humiliation is part of power exchange

Erotic humiliation is absolutely part of the power dynamic — especially when I give you some kind of naughty humiliation assignment.  Remember, it’s not about the assignment per se — it’s about what the assignment makes you FEEL.  If you are submissive, you feel an extra thrill when you hear your Mistress say, “I want you to do something for me.” — or “You will do THIS … NOW.”

Exploring your secret desires

I like exploring your secret desires.  Yes, I am experienced … but I also learn from you … that’s part of the fun of this for me.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia



16 comments to Power exchange and humiliation by Mistress

  • yvonne

    I think we have a powerful power exchange. I am to be Your feminine submissive wife. I will never have another erection since my chastity is permanent. I will b e milked 5 days a month and that is it. My chore will be to pleasure you in every way I can.


  • John Q


    Experience and perception are the teachers, are they not? I had ideas about what I wanted but then you opened up a whole new realm I’d been oblivious to. Like the color magenta, it’s pretty much impossible to know if you like it until you experience it.

    But, I think we have to be ready and open. Like the old adage, “When the student is ready, a teacher appears.” The lessons are all around us all of the time. They are not even noticed until we’re ready to see them.

    Perhaps someday we will get to play out the sexually assertive woman bit. Certainly works for me.

    I was browsing your wish list … and wondering … is it current? Seems you haven’t added anything lately. I miss our conversations. Your sexual intuition is spot on, but I also miss the friendship. Perhaps the subtext to your services should be “Resistance is Futile.” Okay yes … I’m a Trekkie.

    Sooooooooo?, is it? Up to date, that is …

    John Q

    • Olivia

      Hey it’s GREAT to see you again !!! YAY — I think of you often — and other times besides when I’m sipping espresso! wink wink nudge nudge
      WOW my wishlist isn’t current — thank you so much for reminding me! I often forget. Some people still do Virtual Bouquets — but since the prices have gone up most people don’t send gifts from the Wish List so I sort of forget it’s there. I did update it though 🙂 🙂

      You are so RIGHT about not knowing what you like until you try it! There’s a thing in fetish play — the stoplight method of safe words — Green=YES, I like it! — Yellow, go slow, I’m not sure if I like it and I’m willing to give it a try. And — Red=Stop!

      I apply that pretty much to all sorts of things. This is non-sexual but I’ll use the air fryer I got recently as an example. I made turnip fries in the air fryer — slides like potatoes to look like french fries and cooked/crisped in the air fryer. I had never tried turnips this way — didn’t think I LIKED turnips — and hey they’re good 🙂 🙂

      Having an open mind means having the options of a fuller life. I mean, what’s the downside — you try something and go MEH or BLEH ??? Well …. just don’t do it again … the new experience is always valuable.

      ps I love love love love your comments!

      • John Q

        Hey sexy Mistress,

        I know, I’m incredibly slow about this but I have a just a little something from your wishlist in my cart … but it doesn’t fill in the address to ship it to you. Is it here on the site somewhere?

        John Q.

        • Olivia

          Awwww …. you’re the best!!!!
          Thank you so much …. you are incredibly thoughtful!

          Here’s the delivery address.

          LDW Group, Inc.
          Attn:  Olivia
          18 Maple Ave.  —  #282
          Barrington, RI  02806

          • John Q


            You’re very much welcome. We have not been able to connect for quite sometime. Makes me feel good to get you a little something. Should show up on the 16th. You’re awesome …

            John Q.

            • Olivia

              Ohhhhhhh did you send me the Alligator Records Anniversary CD? There wasn’t a note with it and I think it might be you. DO TELL????

              • John Q


                Nah, that wasn’t me. I sent some plates, bath oils, a tunic and yoga pants … from your wish list.

                I get the green, yellow and red code. But sometimes a person must be seduced into letting go of the vanilla in order to learn who they really are. It’s a thin veneer, this notion of civility we cling to. How boring, to never walk on the wild side. Green is the cure for insomnia. Frankly, I’ll take the walk through the red lighted area with a sexy muse any day … maybe twice on Sunday just to annoy the faithful.

                So, if I like red, then it must be green for me. Mind like a steel trap, no?

                Hey, I saw a ship coming up the estuary today called the “Bum Dong.” Seriously! I wonder how you say Viagra in Chinese?

                I miss our conversations.

                John Q

                • Olivia

                  OMG BUM DONG !!!!
                  Note to self: Do NOT drink anything while reading John Q’s emails or comments.
                  I sent you an email —- what an AWESOME birthday surprise !!!!! Thank you so much — you really make me smile and each choice is incredibly thoughtful 🙂 🙂 🙂
                  While I’ve never been “just” vanilla — I’ll admit I had to let go of my “stereotypes” of kink and especially BDsm. I didn’t “get” humiliation with someone I genuinely like and respect …. and then one day, WOW I GET IT !!!!!
                  Isn’t that what ANY exploration is — that uncomfortable feeling and then suddenly things just “click”?
                  I “like” feeling comfortable until it’s borning and then ohhhhhhh time to stretch and grow and learn and change and EXPLORE once again. Of course, when I start doing that it’s “uncomfortable” and then it’s fun!
                  Is that the way it is for you too?

  • michael

    I did not really feel like I knew somethings about myself until a female spoke to me with “strictness”. I had a girlfriend who just said things like “I thought I told you to do that”? or “Do I need to repeat it”? or “Get in the car”! It was normal for her to speak to me like that. It was weird to me that it felt right. My Mom was like that with my Dad. She would say things like “I don’t want to have to say that again”! or “Uh oh, I think I am getting angry”. My Dad would jump to. He never ever spoke back to her. I recall once being with him somewhere and he said “We need Mom to tell us what to do”. It was literally how it was. She was the total boss and I wonder if it is how I became submissive with females. It feels like it should be that way. I feel more comfortable when females tell me what to do and direct me.

    • Olivia

      And there are plenty of female who WILL tell you what to do. I am one of those women — with a dose of Femdom and kink thrown in for extra fun 🙂

  • John Q


    I agree with Mistress Cindy. It’s counter intuitive, but my sense is that it’s a matter of balance. Personally, there’s something terribly erotic and irresistibly attractive about sexual malevolence, but only when I’m on the victim or submissive side. Our sexual nature is so primal to our sense of self. I feel very confident in my everyday world. Having that taken away is exhilarating.

    Seems to me it doesn it much matter why these things are erotic … but just that they are. That is enough for me.

    John Q

    • Olivia

      WOW I do love your wording …. sexual malevolence is the perfect term! Yes, this is primal, not easily understood, weird, etc … something also that has to be experienced to “get it” on the receiving or the giving end.

  • Jay

    I’m not sure how common this would be, but one thing I’ve come to discover is that I really enjoy being humiliated and dominated by getting sat on and pinned down by a woman. I’ve had some experiences at play parties where a Mistress would have me lie down on the floor and then sit on top of my chest(usually straddling me with my arms between her legs and my sides) for a fair amount of time. It’s a bit of a mixed experience, because while it can be very exciting and arousing, it also feels strangely intimidating, for reasons I’m not too sure about. I generally don’t know how long I’ll be kept sat on like that, and it can be very humiliating with others watching as well. But it’s an interesting experience none the less, and I do overall, mostly like it. 🙂

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