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4 things to know about a small penis

So, you have a small penis — what now?small penis humiliation by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

Listen to me talk about your small penis in this audio.
Here are some things you need to know.  There a big difference in your life if you have a small penis.  I bet you’ve already experienced some of these things — your embarrassment and harassment.  You’ve already suspected certain things and maybe you need some straight talk about your teeny weenie.  Here are some other things you need to know:

1.  Tiny dick “men” have a “special” place:

Awwww, it might not be the place you want but at least you are IN the life of a sexy woman.  You’re there — not as a lover —  you’re in the FRIEND ZONE.  When you’re there — it’s like a black hole — you don’t escape.

2, 3, and 4: If you have a small penis I’m putting you in PANTIES!

This list is inspired by someone who emailed me with the following questions.
“Do you think it is more common for small or tiny endowed males to want or feel like they would like to wear panties?”
 Well yes.  That’s my short answer.  You “want” to wear panties because frankly, they FIT you better than male underwear like boxers or briefs.  Since they feel better you will (eventually) want to wear panties.  This is your fate.
“Do tiny guys feel like it is “right” or they “deserve to wear them” or something like that?”
I’ll answer that this way:  Tiny guys don’t deserve to wear male underwear! ~laughs~  It doesn’t FIT — and it’s dumb for you to even try.
“Do you think a woman is more likely to even think of putting a guy into panties if he is small? Is the thought less likely to come to her with average or big guys?”
~laughs and laughs and laughs~  Women do not automatically think of putting a large cock in panties.  And, putting a guy with a small dick in panties is usually the first thing I think of when I see a small penis.
There are more questions on this topic.  If you have a question, post in the comments and/or send me an email:  olivia AT — or just give a call and we’ll talk!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

42 comments to 4 things to know about a small penis

  • Petey cream puff

    For me I do have a small penis as it’s about 2-3’😳😮😧😢. And yes I’m in friend zone as I don’t have gf. I confesssd to my masseuse about my cross dressing and she was non judgmental about this and accepting. She said I need to accept who I am and become which I agreed with her and have. I’m wearing bra/panties to all my massages along with once a month makeup/lipstick and dresses for her to take pictures of me with her phone. She can hit send anytime she wants as I have to do whatever she wants and asks. After much thought this is what’s best for me and keeps me in line with her and makes me a better person and much more happier.

    I do agree I do need to be kep in panties as I do have small penis along with bra. With you and I being in relationship for over 10 years you really do own and control me me as your cream puff girl and I want to keep this going with you with more feminization training.

  • The first time I put panties on, I was amazed how well they fit. Obviously, I knew they look prettier too but The fact that I had no bulge and everything fit snugly convinced me it was the right thing to do. I was always ashamed that male underwear made me look like I had nothing below. I was just wearing the wrong underwear.

  • owen

    We may not admit it but I think one of the deepest desires a guy has is to be “big” and “strong” and in a sense “conquer” a female and have her be “his”. If you are “tiny” or “small” (I guess that is a matter of a woman’s opinion which is which?) then you have this sense that you cannot “conquer” in that way. When a woman tells you you are small it is like she has conquered you in a way and rather than she be yours it is like the other way around I think.

  • Alex

    So true. It is odd to be in the , “Friend Zone”, sexually speaking with my own wife. Im the friend she talks to , and even brings up her , “boyfriend”, in the conversation at times.

  • Gem Sissy

    If I voluntarily cage my average cock so it shows as really small when they first see it, will women still want to panty me? (I hope 😉 )

  • LMAO Olivia!!! THis was the best! 2, 3 and 4 I’m putting you in panties! That’s perfect because that is exactly where that small penis belongs. I am personally so offended when one asks me out and doesn’t disclose immediately that he is in the teeny weenie club. What a waste of a good going out dress! They never get past the friend zone no matter what!

  • yvonne

    I imagine being in chastity so long and with my hormone treatments I will forget bout mine 🙁

  • sissyteddy

    Dear Mistress thankyou!best wishes !Thankyou for the truth!

  • Jami

    Ive worn panties since I was younger; my cousin showed me how much better they fit and feel. I don’t go on too many dates most of my interactions are with the women in barre classes and I wear yoga leggings so I don’t really have to tell them how small I am since they can see my lack of bulge. They are always so sweet to me not sure if they just feel sorry for me. One of the girls told me she could see the lacy back of my panties I was so embarrassed when she looked at my crotch and said its ok she understood why I wore them.

  • O

    I spent a lot of time worrying about “not having a bulge”. I was very aware that most guys did. In the late 80’s and 90’s at the beach and pool “speedos” were a thing. Many men wore these – especially men under age 40. I was aware of how proud and easy this was for many men. I was aware of how confident many men were – as if they were saying “go ahead…look at it”. I was also aware that even for quiet girls or women – how could they not notice. I think one of the most impactful things about endowment size for me was becoming aware that – most girls thought about it – even less social or extoverted girls.

    • Olivia

      DAMN right women look to see if there’s a bulge — and we DO judge a guy on that basis … I use the term man loosely if you have a small penis!

  • Gareth

    I been wearing knickers and cage for a year now after realising my 4 inch dick ain’t satisfying gf, I’m now a cuckold and other men please her for me

    • Olivia

      ~laughs~ FOUR INCHES ??????? ~sigh~ and you’re just now realizing that such a small penis doesn’t do ANYTHING for a woman? hahahahahaha Yeah, well you were born to be a cuckold!

  • Michelle T

    I have a 4 inch clitdick Mistress; I own about 20 pairs of panties but I still have 10 pairs of boxers which I sometimes wear

    • Olivia

      What???? Why are you still wearing boxers? ~laughs~ I think panties fit much better when you have a small penis! Think of this as truth in advertising!

  • Michelle T

    I’m not sure why I still wear boxers Mistress Olivia. Possibly because I still think I’m a Real Man?

  • Michelle T

    I finally did it Mistress. I cut up and threw away all my boxers…

  • david

    I have a very small penis just a hair under 4 inches fully erect Will you please humiliate.

  • Norwin Peardon

    Hi.. I recently realized that with a resting length of about 1.5 inches, that I belong in and was CREATED for panties! Its really more of a clitty and fits great in even little lacy panties which are best with pantyhose.!. Can I still truly satisfy a sexy girl with great oral technique?

  • tifffy

    Hi Ms Olivia, i may or may not belong to this club, in which, the only thing i kinda worry about is, well for me, having the doctor tell me there’s not enough to work with (srs – whenever that maybe) . Sad.

  • Mark

    My ex girlfriend put me in her panties and laughed in amazement when her little lacy thong fit so well

  • Daniel

    Hello Miss Olivia
    I’m 25y.o. and i want to know if a 4.7 inch penis is small or medium. I like to be a dom but i think girls only want huge cocks to be sub. Can i also be a good alpha male with that size?

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