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Favorite cum eaters and naughty games

Cum eater says Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259What makes someone a favorite cum eater?

Listen to me read you this post about cum eating.

I like to hear your sexual confession and any confession by a cum eater is bound to be very exciting.  I am proud when someone comes to me and says, I’m a first time cum eater but I want to be a cum slut!

First time eating cum

I know sometimes it’s off-putting to eat your own cum, especially the very first time you do it.  I’m thinking of someone right now who is learning to freeze his cum so he has a nice big load the next time he …. ahem … cums to Mistress.  He was REALLY nervous about eating cum at first.  Now, he just gobbles up his own cum and that’s hot.

Another kind of cum lover

I’m thinking of another special friend who didn’t even lick up the whole load the very first time he tasted his cum. He says he just took a small taste and thought to himself, “That really is pretty good, I want more.”   Mmmmmm, that means he has potential to become an expert cum guzzler.

Hooked on cum

Want to know what happened NEXT?  Cum shy to cum taste to cum lover!  I love being the Mistress to … ahem … inspire this transformation!  Here’s what happened in his own words:

“Once I tasted a whole load I was hooked.  Once I got hooked on cum I wanted to suck cock.”

Now he’s a cock slut too!

But, that’s another blog post! ~laughs~ Awww, you’re curious, are you?  Well, we can always talk on the phone.  Wink, wink – nudge, nudge.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

8 comments to Favorite cum eaters and naughty games

  • Michael

    Hmmm, sounds quite familiar. 😉 Don’t know whether or not it’s me you were thinking of but, either way it fits. I love sucking cock so much that I’d just die if I couldn’t do it, at least, a couple times a week and, I am so addicted to the taste of cum that the cravings are almost constant. I don’t just want it, I need it!

  • Michael

    Hmmmm… this sounds rather familiar. I don’t know if you were thinking of me or not but, either way it fits. I love sucking cock so much that I’d just about die if I couldn’t do it at least a couple times a week and, I’m so addicted to the taste of cum that the cravings are just about constant. Can never have too much!

  • Miss Olivia,the cum eaters are awesome! Sometimes they are a little crafty and don’t want you to know. Sometimes it can be difficult to get callers to try it. If they start with a little pre jizz taste on the finger, usually it’s a go. You know a little taste becomes a guzzle!

  • Larry

    Yes, once a boy tastes cock and works it real well he will want to taste his reward, especially if the man shoots a big load. That’s what happened to me. And since I have a small penis, if the man has a big cock I will do whatever he says, including sucking and licking his full balls and licking his ass.

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