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He begs to serve a strict Mistress

I am a strict Mistressstrict Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me read you this blog post about being a strict Mistress.

Do not let my sensual voice lull you into thinking that I shy away from intense power exchange and BDsm play.  I urge all potential slaves to think very carefully when you beg to serve a hardcore, strict Mistress.  The request falls into the category of, be careful what you wish for you just might get it. This is total power exchange where you give up everything to serve your Goddess.  

I take absolute cock control

I demand total and immediate obedience and control.  You will either give me everything or you will be dismissed.  What happens depends on my mood at the time and my plans for you as my TPE submissive.  One pet sent in his fantasy:

“After months of begging and pleading while locked in chastity, you have allowed me to live with you.  

Live with you is an exaggeration; I have moved into a very small basement apartment under your house.  My space consists of a bed, small kitchen and exercise equipment.

There is a very large TV screen mounted to one wall; you, of course, have the only remote control for this TV.  

There is no other furniture in the room except for a single wooden chair and a large bookshelf full of classic books.  I am to spend all of my free time either exercising or reading.

I am not allowed to wear any clothing at any time in my apartment.  

There are cameras throughout and I know that at any time you may be watching me.  I have a strict schedule and I am expected to keep to it.”

Domme space while controlling my submissive slave

The reason for those cameras is this: I like having access to you at anytime day or night.  I can see exactly what you’re doing. I notice your body language. I give you rewards or punishments according to what I see.

Are you ready for this level of TPE submission and Mistress control?  Are you SURE?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

6 comments to He begs to serve a strict Mistress

  • Slutp

    OMG. This is a great fantasy (reality?) that I also would LOVE to experience. Being held captive and watched by You at any time and anywhere would be so wonderful and liberating!!! To know that YOU are my only reason for being. Sometimes, I actually feel You ARE watching me . Lol. I LOVE this!

  • Petey cream puff

    After my therapy with you and Ms Erika both you you have control/tpe and own me as your cream puff girl. I can’t deny/resist or say no as I did lose bet to both of you. You were right when Ms Erika sprayed me in midnight romance perfume and put lotion on me I was done for, as well when you stripped me of all my clothes had me in panties/garter belt/nylons/bra/wig then makeup/lipstick on me along with both of you giving me lipstick kisses on my cheeks. This is who I am and become in which I have embraced.

    Ps once weather gets cooler I want to and will start wearing bra/with my dd cup breast forms. Just need to figure out how it won’t be noticeable. I’m for sure going to start wearing more women’s clothes,slacks,panties,ankle boots,perfumes mixed with lotions,women’s turtleneck sweaters. Honestly if if women aren’t interested in this then it’s their loss as I can do this without any drama/emotion or stress. I soooo want to be in female lead relationship with women dressing me as their cream puff girl. It’s who I am and become.

    • Olivia

      That was a brilliant touch from Ms Erika … and of course she IS brilliant! Midnight Romance … perfect for a cream puff sissy girl. Awwwwww…..seeing you covered in lipstick kisses means you stay this way forever!

  • Tom

    I beg for a strict misrtess to beat my ass with her whips and canes til it’s bright red and warmed up to take her strapon with my nylons and 9 inch high heels on

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