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Mistress orders you to follow these cum eating instructions

Cum eating is sometimes easier said than doneCum eater says Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me talk to you about your cum eating instructions.

I know a lot of you think cum eating is hot and naughty.  You KNOW I love to have you eat cum for me.  Some of you have the cum and go syndrome.  By that, I mean that once you have your own cum to lick up you lose any desire to taste cum.  ~sigh~  I get it, I really do.  I know many men lose the desire to eat cum once they have an orgasm.

There are many ways to start to eat your own cum.  There’s no “right” way and I love to work with you to find out how to turn you into my cum slut! ~smiles~ I’ll admit, I LOVE a cum slut!  I savor (pun intended) any report from a dedicated cum eater!

New cum eating instructions from Mistresscum eating Experienced Mistress Olivia

I like to change things up just to keep our play exciting.  I want you to cum every day for the next week.  You will freeze each cum load.  CUM to me at the end of the week with all the loads of cum.  There should be at least 5 or 6 loads but if you can make more cum cubes that will be fantastic.  Cum as often as you want.  Just know that you will take each and every cum load for me.   This cum slut says:

Cum eater: “I think your mind is so creative that I’m sure you will think of something. you can have me do whatever you want with those loads as long they will end up in my mouth in the end.”

Freeze loads of cum to eat for Mistress

cum eating frozen cum Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962I want you to gobble up load after load of cum for me on our next call.  Don’t worry, I’ll space it out.  You WILL swallow every drop for me.  I will be supportive and insistent because you did get to cum every day for a week.  You are freezing your cum.  I love that each cum load is turned into a different cocktail … or should I say, CUM tail … by cumming in different drinks.  Now, we’re going to have a party!cum eating CEI Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

We’ll start with the pre-cum

I know you’ve been saving that up all week as well.  Mmmmmmm.  Keep going.  Make those frozen cum cubes for me and I can’t wait until we get together and I get to experience you taking multiple loads for …

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

27 comments to Mistress orders you to follow these cum eating instructions

  • John

    Olivia, that was a great audio, and a wonderful idea. I actually did that on my own a few yrs ago, but lately afraid to hide them in the freezer for fear of someone finding them. But should I be able to freeze hide them, should I thaw them before i call you?

  • D

    I love saving my cum. The more loads I save the more fun you mistress’ can have with me and I really love that! One of you wonderful devilish Mistress’ who I saved 8 CUM loads for wouldn’t let me thaw it out. She actually had me take the full 8 frozen CUM loads cube, put it in my mouth, hold my mouth open while I jacked-off so I could give myself a mouth open CUM facial! She said it was the greatest thing to watch that CUM cube melt in my mouth while I frantically stroked my cock for my fresh squirt load! It melted before I shot the fresh hot load sooooo she told me , NO swallowing yet! Not until you add the fresh jizz to it! I jacked-off with my CUM already in my mouth then gave myself one of the messiest CUM facials! Don’t worry a couple of those CUM shots went straight into my mouth! And anyways, I had to lick up every single drop. I loved her for it too!
    I love CUM! I love eating my own jizz on cam for you wonderful LDW Mistress’!

    • Olivia

      Ohhhhhhh there’s nothing like popping a frozen cum cube in your mouth and letting it melt … mmmm … that gives new meaning to getting all HOT and BOTHERED, doesn’t it? ~grins~

  • Ms Olivia, I love Cock-tail recipes especially for sissies, like The Pink Lady made with CREAM….lol, I would suggest cum, half and half. Of course the gin and grenadine, shake it up in a cocktail shaker with lotsa ice and strain, cherry on top of course! Any cocktail with cum of course. Brilliant!

  • Ms. Olivia,

    They all think it’s so hard to eat their own cum, but with dedicated Cum Coaches any man can be turned into a cum junkie who just can’t get enough jizz. Some great ideas here – tried and true methods, really – on how to get them over “the cum and go syndrome.” LOL!

    • Olivia

      Oh Ms Delia I KNOW how you feel about cum eaters and those who do turn into cum junkies! Ahhhhhhh such a wonderfully naughty training program!

  • Mistress Olivia:
    Very hot and so degrading, i am a sub to a very strict and wonderful Domme. One act she has me do is freeze my loads.
    She milks me in chastity by pegging, e-stim, vibrating milked into condoms etc. When Mistress feels it’s time, She will feed me in degrading ways.
    She will bind me and gag my mouth open and hang a frozen condom above my open mouth and slowly peg me while the cum thaws and drips through a hole She put in the condom.
    She will insert a cum cube into Her ass and pussy and make me lick and suck out every drop.
    She will put a cube in a funnel and let it thaw into my mouth, put it in ice cream etc.
    When all cum is consumed She will allow me to cum through my chastity like on a plate, on Her ass or pussy, in a condom, however She chooses and make me consume my fresh load.
    So degrading but yet it makes her happy. i love satisfying my Mistress and will do anything to make Her happy.
    Slave billy

    • Olivia

      ~laughs~ I love meeting another devious Mistress! And, of course, when subby is willing to fully SATISFY his Mistress then it’s extra spectacular!

  • Slutp

    I think I need to get a mini freezer for my office so that I can have cum cubes at the ready for You anytime You want me to have some Mistress! I could even have some to put in my iced tea while I eat my salad with special dressing for You!

    • Olivia

      Oh now THIS is a wonderfully fun idea!
      I can’t wait until we *see* one another again …. mmmmmmmm …. so many naughty thoughts in my mind!

  • Goddess Mandy

    Well Ms. Olivia…I must admit that you are woman after my own heart. Just as you do…I love a good little cum-eater! And I also think it’s important to know that there absolutely is no “right” way to gobble up all of that cum. There are only fun ways and creative ways as you have so wonderfully shared…raise that “CUM TAIL” up in the air…cheers!! 🙂

  • Michka

    For some weird reason i can only eat my cum when i directly shoot it in my mouth or i cum into a glas and drink it. I just cannot cum on something and lick it up.

  • Mistress Oliva my favorite way to eat my own cum is right from my little sissy clit, while it is still nice and warm! Not to mention the fact that I am such an highly cum addicted cum guzzling sissy faggot that I can’t wait another single second after my sissy cum dribbles out of my little sissy clit to gobble it all up, and gulp it all down my sissy faggot throat! ~sissy blushes~ 🙁

    Even at the adult book stores I go to suck cock after cock, and swallow load after load of the warm and cream jizz that I am so addicted to, I just Love to gulp it all down to the last drop just as soon as his cock starts to nut off in my pretty little sissy faggot mouth! ~sissy smiles~ 🙂

    • Olivia

      A sissy NEEDS to eat cum — you are that kind of sissy!

      • Ms.Olivia Yes I am that kind of a sissy! Friday (today) was a very good day at the adult book stores movies booths! Having sucked 8 cocks, and swallowed 8 loads of warm & creamy cum as each I drained every last drop of nut juice right from their stiff throbbing cocks, swallowing it all down, and continuing to suck and squeeze until he gave up saying; “I’m done!” ~sissy smiles~ 🙂

        • Olivia

          Suck cock — drain cum! What a good little sissy!

          • Mistress Olivia Thank You Goddess! ~sissy curtsy~

            The return trip to the adult book store movies booths resulted in 11 more cocks suck, 11 more loads of warm & creamy cum swallowed! At one time during the “festivities” I was on my little sissy gurl knees in the movie booth with the man, door to the movie booth left slightly open. Only a few minutes into sucking his cock another man opened the door to the movie booth, seeing what was going on he entered, unzipped, and I was taking turns sucking them both off! ~sissy smiles~ 🙂

            Maybe about 5 minutes into it a 3rd man entered the movie booth, unzips, pulls it out, with him standing to my left, and other to the right, and the men seated in front of me I started to work all 3 cocks with my pretty little sissy mouth, and sissy gurl hands! Sucking, stroking and foundling their cocks, licking and sucking the balls of two of the men that had them hanging out of their pants also. ~sissy winks~ 😉

            They were calling me a faggot, bitch, cock sucker etc… , pushing my head up and down on their stiff throbbing cocks, giggling & laughing while they took turns fucking my sissy cock sucking mouth! One at a time they all shot off a nice amount of cum in my sissy faggot mouth, I swallowed it all down, certain to drain the dicks of every last drop that I could, one at a time they just walked out of the movie booth after they were all fully satisfied! …. And so was I! ~BIG sissy grinz!~ 🙂

  • John

    Hi, I’m another who cannot eat my own cum after the fact but I did learn a long time ago to freeze it like you said. My only problem is hiding it in the freezer so no one else in the family finds it. Another idea of the frozen cum, and I know its a little cold at first, but I’ve always wanted to know the feeling of what cum felt like oozing or leaking from my man pussy so I used to put the cubes inside there and they melt slowly and ooze. But that was before I graduated to having a fresh load shot there for my enjoyment by another man.

  • Andrew

    I am a recent devotee of the frozen cum load and I love it!I just love savouring a mouthful of frozen semen whilst working up a fresh warm load of spunk to was it down with. Yum!! I’d really like to save up a few loads so that I can have a really full mouthful to show you on cam but I don’t yet have the willpower to build up a stockpile without dipping into it 🙁 Any tips?

    • Olivia

      Ohhhhhhhh …. you have no willpower when it comes to cum eating?! You are not alone! I have lots of tips — what is right for you depends on a variety of things so this is too long for a blog comment (and I don’t have complete information) — ask me that question during your next call and I know I’ll figure out something for you!

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