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Who wants to be the best sissy owned by Mistress Olivia?

What makes you the best sissy?sissy trap by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

Listen to my voice tell you all about being a sissy owned by the Experienced Mistress.

So, you want to be a sissy, now the question is what KIND of girly girl.  There are lots of blogs with advice about how to be the best sissy maid. I want to emphasize that it’s not merely the things you do, it’s how you feel while you’re doing certain things.

Issues of gender and sexuality are complicated.  Then. when you throw in power exchange and your submission, then our interactions will be targeted just for you.

Feminized by Mistress

Did you see my blog about being caught in my panties?  Once I know you have a sexual secret, I can begin to target my control and your feminization training.  At that point, your life changes dramatically!  One sissy says:

“When you are satisfied maybe I get a job as a salesgirl, secretary or something like that to bring in money for you as I would sign all paychecks over to you. Then at night …..well I’ll leave that up to you.”

Do you want to be owned by Mistress?

There is the ultimate joy in knowing who you are and to whom you belong.  The email continues:

“You are the best and what a lucky sub to accept a ring from you, wear it with the utmost pride and joy and know the bliss of being yours and then letting the world know I’m the luckiest person on earth! Oh, I get excited just thinking about the wedding night and all the things your experienced, wicked mind would cum up with.”

My wicked Mistress mind has all sorts of ideas!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

19 comments to Who wants to be the best sissy owned by Mistress Olivia?

  • princess

    Any sissy would be blessed to be owned by an experienced Mistress like yourself! Whether in a TPE relationship or serving as the sissy maid a ‘gurl’ was meant to be (and that you bring out for mutual benefit) nothing could be better than being the best sissy possible! Great post Ms O!

    • Olivia

      I know your Mistress and princess has such a fantastic Mistress — I adore the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance and you are lucky to have her as your owner!

  • Petey cream puff

    I this this should be addition to my feminization training. You were my first mistress with Ms Violet and I would love to have you own me as your cream puff girl forever as this is what I want and need which would be best thing to happen

  • yvonne

    Hi Ms

    We both know I am not a sissy as such, but I get the feeling before to long you are going to make an honest woman of me lol!


  • Slutp

    Oh my!! This is so hot but I would certainly be a very reluctant sissy… the only thing that I would enjoy would be You laughter and that of other Women seeing me dressed as a sissy. Having said that, I clean houses very well and have always fantasized about being made to be a maid and rented out. It brings out the slut it me.

  • Mistress Olivia being the best sissy owned by You, I would be dressed in a sissy maid uniform of Your choosing.I would wake every morning at the appointed time, perhaps an hour prior to Your waking in the morning, fix You a healthy breakfast, bring it to Your bed for You to enjoy before starting Your busy day of being the Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful, Intelligent, Powerful & Superior Goddess that You truly are! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

    My maid duties for You would keeping Your Goddess House spotlessly clean at all times, Your Goddess attire washed, meals home cooked (as I am a very good home cook), and guests greeting at Your door with a proper sissy curtsy! And my Serving & Servicing You to please You and keep You happy always! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

    • Olivia

      That’s a very good list of duties for a sissy maid … nice!

      • Ms.Olivia Thank You so very much Goddess! My place always would be beneath You, at Your Beautiful Goddess Feet! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

        I would also be Your little sissy fluffer bitch & clean up slut! There on my little sissy gurl knees by Your Beautiful Goddess Feet to Fluff the BIG Alpha Male Cocks, getting then so nice and very hard, fully erect to give You the Earth Shattering Orgasms that You need to have to keep You Satisfied & Happy! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

        And of course I would also be greatly Honored to Worship Your Absolutely Beautiful Goddess Pussy, kissing, licking & sucking until Your completely soaking wet, ready for that BIG Alpha Male Cock to give You all the Pleasure that You so right need & deserve to have as the Alpha Mistress that You truly are! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

        • Olivia

          I do hope you’re writing that dictation enabled because your nose is on the floor by my feet and you’re mumbling into the floor. THAT is the position you should be in when you address your Goddess you little sissy faggot ~laughs~

          • Ms.Olivia Yes I am Goddess! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

            My pretty little sissy gurl lips kissing the floor by Your Beautiful Goddess Feet until You decide If I am worthy enough to be up on my little sissy gurl knees, looking down at Your Beautiful Goddess Feet wishing for Your Permission to look up at Your Absolutely Beautiful Goddess Face! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

            • Olivia

              ~wiggles my toes at the sissy~

              • Ms.Olivia Requesting Your permission to kiss Your Beautiful Goddess Toes, Please! ~sissy smiles~ 🙂

                Mistress Olivia You’re so Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful from Your Beautiful Goddess Toes, all the way up to the top of Your Absolutely Beautiful Goddess Head! It be such a great Honor to Worship You, and be Your little sissy faggot cock sucking, cum swallowing sissy slut, and sissy slave! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

                Being the Best Owned Sissy By Mistress Olivia means I would be the best possible sissy gurl slut & sissy gurl slave for You that I can be! Sucking cock after cock, and swallowing load after load of warm & creamy cum for You, to prove how willing I am to submit to You! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

  • Tom

    Miss Olivia, Thank you for the wonderful call this morning. I am sorry my Mistress Erika was unavailable for what would have been an amazing threesome. Have a great weekend. Mistress Erika’s C&N Slut Tom .

    • Olivia

      That was FUN and I can’t wait to do a call with you and Mistress Erika — as you know, I adore her and love doing calls with her!

  • Jocylyn

    Omg Mistress Oliva! I would do ANYTHING and Everything I had to just to be owned by you. And I trust you would bring out my very best girly girl self. If only I could learn all about how to be a proper and sometimes naughty girl when it cums to being with hot men, I want to learn from the best.. P.S. You are beautiful.. Xoxoxo Jocylyn

    • Olivia

      Ohhhhhhh jocylyn … let’s talk! I have lots of sissy tips and, of course, I evaluate you to find out any weaknesses in your sissy abilities!

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