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How to explore your new sexual fantasy

Time for a new sexual fantasysexual fantasy by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Listen to me talk to you about how to explore your new sexual fantasy.

Do you get bored with your sex life?  Oh sure every orgasm is fun but chances are you get sexually bored if you’re doing the same thing all the time.  This is true with masturbation.  That’s one reason why you need cock control and guided masturbation.  Phone sex is perfect for fantasy exploration.

Mistress gets to know you

When this Experienced Mistress gets to know you I can begin to push your erotic boundaries.  I guide you into an erotic experience that I know you will enjoy.  I’m not often wrong about my intuition with a caller. I’m never wrong when I really get to know you.  I’ll use everything I have available, erotic interrogation, erotic roleplay scenes, seemingly casual conversations and more.  I find out everything!

Here’s one caller’s reaction to my sensual Domination:

“I was happily surprised at Olivia’s mastery in leading me into places I’d never gone before.

We played the loving sensual way, which is really my favorite. Enjoying, exploring & learning all the hot spots on & in each other’s bodies. Mmm, mmm, good!

Oh gawd! In & out, fast & slow, I loved it all. The time sped by as we laughed & lusted together, toyed & teased each other. I’m so looking forward to more sexy hot times with Olivia. She’s an amazing sex goddess of the highest degree. I’m craving her voice now & I get juicy all over again just thinking of it. I’ve got to go take a shower. Oh that woman!”

Tell me everything about your sexual fantasy life

You know you want to explore — let’s do it together!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

10 comments to How to explore your new sexual fantasy

  • Petey cream puff

    Phone sec is awesome!!! It’s safe/descreet and private in your own bed room. For me fantasy is reality. I love how you and the mistresses have way with feminizing/lipstick kissing my cheeks and always losing bets with all of you keeping me as your cream puff girl. I so wish this was reality. As you said I can’t do this for real because of safety factor. This is reason I’m single and never been married or have gf as I’d rather stay home/dress up as girl since I can’t get one.

  • yvonne

    Hi Ms

    I think we have achieved a new level of intimacy in our fantasy. Our new toy is certainly giving both of us a great deal of pleasure. I just adore being taught how to have a female orgasm. It makes so much more complete. Our sessions are truly wonderful. 🙂


    • Olivia

      WOW you are so right yvonne! AND since you’re going to be in permanent chastity you will always and ONLY be having female orgasms. That’s perfect because, as my bride, I want you to be totally feminine!

  • Slutp

    Oh That Woman indeed!!! She is magnificent and makes me feel like a man and a sub slut whore sissy all at the same time! I adore Her and it is such a privilege and absolute pleasure to submit and give myself completely over to Her!

    • Olivia

      Oh I love this comment so much! THANK YOU and you are so awesome as a man, submissive and SLUT SLUT SLUT!
      It’s the trifecta of hot sexy fun! 😉

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Mistress….I do love the phone sex fantasy I recently played out with you. But I would be open to any twists you might want to add to it. Lets face it, when my cock is hard I would be open to just about anything 🙂

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