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Finding out you’re a sissy

Are you a sissy?sissy Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Listen to my voice tell you about this sissy journey.

There are lots of blogs about being a sissy. Think of all the fetish, kink and porn sites aimed at those who idenfity as a sissy.

Porn sites are designed to fit people into fetish boxes.  That doesn’t do any good for the person who doesn’t know exactly what to CALL himself/herself. After all, when you like to wear women’s lingerie, it’s not “one size fits all.”  I also caution people to view porn with a grain of salt — porn is hot and is not real.

You might not know you’re a sissy.

Do you love panties?  Does lingerie make your heart race and your skin tingle?  You might or might not be a sissy — that’s why it’s important to talk with a Mistresss who has experience with feminization and sissification.  This girly girl found that out after instructions from her Mistress:

“It is hard to say when I found out I was a sissy because i didn’t always associate with that word.

I wore my sisters panties. I saw a Mistress in college.  I have seen TS lovers.

I began to recognize myself as a sissy came around the time of my first wig purchase and a trip out of town.”

Mistress instructions help you discover who you are

I get to know each caller.  I will often get an intuitive sense of where to push you and how to test out where I think you should explore.  I will generally give you instructions to find out if I’m right.  Here’s one example from this sissy:

I was instructed by Mistress Olivia to get a full female make over at a Mac store. I entered as a man with a wig and some clothes in a bag. I sat in the chair explained what I was looking for and the artist was happy to help. She made me look beautiful and told me a couple places to go where I could have some fun and feel comfortable.

I looked deep into my eyes when I was a in full make up and had the wig on. I was beautiful and felt it in the pit of my stomach. That was a moment of self recognition that I am a sissy.”

What feminization instructions will I give you?

Mmmmm, it depends on what we talk about.  So, let’s talk and you can find out.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

10 comments to Finding out you’re a sissy

  • Paulina

    This is something that we will talk about on my feminization circuit training call with you. I’ve always been a sissy.

    The year I became hooked forever as I was waiting to do laundry and both machines were full. As I walked out at last second out of corner of my eye I noticed my roommates girlfriends bra and I felt how soft/silky it was and I went in bathroom to put it on.

    It felt sooo smooth against my soft skin. There was tube of lipstick also and I applied it on my lips and went to my room and got off. From that point I became the cream puff girl forever.

    I started going to Victoria’s Secret to buy bras/perfumes/lotions/slips/panties/lipsticks then on line buying dresses/going out to buy women’s clothes/sweaters/leggings/yoga pants/ankle and knee high boots.

    Now that I’ve been put in friend zone by girls I know this means I’m not boyfriend material anymore and I’m ok with this as now I can finally dress up as girl whenever I want and not have to deal with the drama and emotions of being in relationship unless girls that put me in friend zone want to do this to me. I’m thinking of coming out to them like I did with my masseuse who has taken pictures of me with her phone dressed/madeup in lipstick along with her giving me 5 of her bras as she’s measured and fitted me in them along with having me buy 4 of her old purses.

    With feminization circuit training I want you to help me lose weight so I can have petite body like the girls that put me in friend zone along with giving advice to be in female lead relationship with them/my masseuse. I always was meant to be a cream puff girl … Women really do have to power and I want them along with you/the mistresses to have that over me.

  • princess

    I came to find i was a sissy ….i so enjoyed panties, and them dresses, lingerie and make up….honestly wearing a skirt o love the freedom, the feeling of exposure and submission…….I wish i could wear one EVERYDAY! Thanks for a Great post and your understanding of us sissy ‘gurls”!

  • yvonne

    Hi Ms

    This is always an interesting topic. … (this comment touches me so deeply that you’ll see it in an upcomming blog post!)

    Life is short.

    • Olivia

      My dear yvonne!
      As always your comments are thoughtful and full of insight. You also have the wonderful quality of empathy and compassion. You are wise and gentle and strong. PLUS, you have damn good fashion sense and are LOVELY! Seriously, I cherish you!

  • LoveWearingLipstick

    Hi, I received your email about finding out if I’m a sissy. I do already know, or at least I think I do, that I am definitely a sissy. Thats a word we called each other as years ago, and thats a word a guy I used to work with called me every so often in a playful tone. Well,I can honestly wonder now how he knew that all along.

  • Owen

    It is hard to say exactly when I found out. It evolved over time. I think it was first just seeing girly garments and feeling like I belonged in them. But it was not just that. I had a sense of being submissive and weaker than most men. I always, always, always had a sense that females could tell me what to do and boss me around. There were several “big events” but mostly it was numerous subtle experiences – often where girls treated me more like one of them. They did not see me as “manly”.

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