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Stockings for the leg man

Are you a leg man?  There are so many sexy ways to enjoy a great pair of legs.

Just to get you started here are some ideas of ways to worship sexy legs.  That’s part of the HOW of the leg fetish.  Here’s a quick look at some of the WHY of why men love sexy legs.

Sexy legs and stockings

Bare legs are sexy.  Pantyhose and tights are super hot.  And my personal favorite for decorating my legs — fully fashioned nylon stockings!  I know there are some stockings lovers out there.  I want to hear from YOU!

To get you started, here’s an IM conversation about some of the stockings fetish photos that I’m posting on my Phone Sex Mistress Olivia tumblr.

Stocking Lover:  Good morning, my dear!  I love the new blog posts, pictures, and audio!

Ms Olivia:  YAY !!!!!!!!  ~grinz~  ~smiles~  How did you DO on the assignment masturbation for the leg man?

Stocking Lover:  You have my cock and balls aching for release … But I did enjoy it VERY much!

Ms Olivia:  ~giggles~  ACHING ACHING?  ~grinz~

Stocking Lover:   ACHING! Especially since I haven’t cum since you and I spoke last week

Ms Olivia:  Did you USE stockings or pantyhose?  STOCKINGS I hope hope hope!

Stocking Lover:  You should know me better than to have to ask THAT question!  I will always, Always, ALWAYS use a real nylon stocking!

Ms Olivia:  ~giggles~  I KNOW and it’s soooooooooooooo much better.

Stocking Lover:  Yes, it is!

Ms Olivia:  *sigh* I feel sorry for some of the pantyhose only people.  They don’t know what they’re missing … but this might INSPIRE them!  I know it INSPRIES ME!  ~grinz~

Here’s your leg lover assignment.  If you haven’t felt the feel of REAL fully fashioned nylons then I want you to get a pair.  Feel that silky softness on your balls and your cock and against your bare skin.  Then, imagine those stockings on my legs as I tease you into an amazing explosive orgasm!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia