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Your crossdresser clothing

Do you love being feminized by a beautiful elegant Mistress? ~smiles~

When you’re ready to start building your crossdresser wardrobe, where do you start and what do you buy?  If you’re dressing en femme for an erotic thrill or phone sex roleplay, then you’ll want to dress so you feel the way you want to feel on your calls.  If you’re a prissy sissy, then you might want ruffled panties and petticoats.  If you’re a sissy slut then a tight skirt might be the thing that really does it!  So, first, think about what you want to feel!

One of the really great things about being femme is we’ve got LOTS of options!  This means LOTS of shopping and lots of things to choose.  If you’ve got an unlimited budget then HAVE FUN and experiment.

Crossdresser Shopping on a Budget

Where do you start?

Panties first!  I think every crossdresser starts with panties!  Some of you aren’t really into crossdressing but you know you’re a panty boy!  ~grinz~  I know if I had to choose one single item in My personal wardrobe that makes Me feel feminine, it’s a lovely panty!  So, let’s go panty shopping!

Luxury Lingerie Feels Better

As many of you know, I love designer lingerie.  The soft silks feel better and the things like elastic are better.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with wearing whatever panties make you feel the way you want to feel …. but I want you to consider buying just one pair of really nice elegant panties.  We can even go shopping together and I’ll tell you how I get great lingerie on sale!

Tell Me about YOUR panties!

Ms Olivia