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The art of the mindfuck.

Do you know about the mindfuck?  Chances are, if reading that gives you a twinge then you know about this fetish.  It’s not for everyone, but for those who like the thrill ride of erotic humiliation combined with the mindfuck then you are searching for the exact right Mistress to get inside your head.

Since this is Wicked Wednesday, I thought, “What could be more wicked than the erotic mindfuck?”

Inside your head, not just your pants.

I like to call the mindfuck, erotic humiliation on steroids!  There is, of course, that thrill ride of humiliation.  Then I add to that.  Exactly how I do it depends on you and finding out your triggers.  We will talk and I will hear way more than merely your answers.  We both know, that the most powerful sex organ is the brain!

Confess all your secrets to Mistress.

For some, it will be a form of erotic interrogation where I use My skills as the Experienced Mistress to get you to spill all your secrets.  And ohhhhhh, some of the secrets I’ve heard!  ~laughs~  Cock sucking fantasies?  Cum eating like a naughty slut?  Maybe it’s something about you in your real life.  Tell Mistress.  You know you WILL tell Me everything!

Each call is different, each caller is different.

When I get inside your head, you can let go… might resist, but ultimately you will lose!  Or, WIN, as the case may be!  And the thrill lasts longer than just that first call or the second or more.  Each time we talk, the sensations will become more intense until you send Me a comment like this one:

Caller reaction to the mindfuck by Ms Olivia.

“I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing call, I have never had such an intense call in such a short amount of time. You rock, you had me mentally squirming as soon as the call was over. Your ability to hit mental pressure points is uncanny.”

*nods*  I can and do find those mental pressure points.  What are some of YOUR secrets?  Hmmmmmmmm?

Ms Olivia