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I’m curious about you.

Who helps you express your unique sexual needs and desires?  Since you’re reading My blog, chances are your erotic desires aren’t fully met by someone in your ‘real’ life.  At least that’s My guess.

Many people use phone sex as an outlet for a specific erotic fantasy.  Others use our unique relationships to explore fetish sex that is intriguing but something they don’t want to do in real life.  Some, just like to play with a variety of sexy women!  I know that many of you have satisfying sexual lives with your wife or partner but you want to add just a little spice to your private sex life.

Personally I don’t think any of those things are mutually exclusive.  Like most things in life, sex is more nuanced than the typical either/or type of choice.

Since your comments, questions and conversations are often the creative spark for blogs, I got an email that got Me thinking about something.  Here’s part of the comment:

“I’ve been crossdressing for as long as I can remember, and since I hit puberty it’s been a huge turn-on as well.  It’s always been a niggling source of guilt (I hesitate to label it ‘shame’, because I see nothing to be ashamed about – a subtle distinction, I know).  So that’s (conservatively) 35+ years of trying to come to terms with the kink in me – the need to express a feminine side in a particular way, and the fact that the act of expressing it has a very large sexual element.”

Hence, the question for you:  What erotic or sex fetish need do you want to express and have you come to terms with having those kinky thoughts?  I’m curious.  Do tell…..after all, confession is good for the….ahem…soul.  ~laughs~

Ms Olivia