What are your real sexual desires?

Listen to me talk to you about some real sexual desires.

I count myself as really lucky that I “accidentially” stumbled into erotic entertainment.  I say that in air quotes because I don’t think there are any real accidents.  I have learned so much about myself as a woman and as a Mistress.  One thing that continues to delight me is that I hear your sex secrets — the hidden part of you that you don’t share with anyone else — your REAL sexual desires.

For your New Year

Here’s my wish and hope for you in the coming year.  That you continue to explore and connect.  Regrets are … well … icky and no fun (to say the least).  And the nature of regret is said beautifully by this person:

“I do wish I had started years ago … but while I always wondered about alternative lifestyles and marveled at how brave they were… not to mention how wonderful and happy many cross dresses seemed after their metamorphosis in full drag… I lacked the courage to experience it myself for years.”

Find your erotic happy place

You might want one Mistress for one type of session and another Mistress for a different scene.  You might connect with just one and that relationship deepens into something really beautiful.  You might just have a fun time and leave it at that.  Whatever you choose — explore!

“I am soooooo happy I did and thankful to the ladies of LDW for making it FUN and being so excepting!”

What are YOU going to explore?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia