When you’re here are you looking for your sex trigger?  Or, are you interested in nuanced conversation?  Or….maybe a combination of both!?  Or maybe just a little tease and denial cock control?  ~laughs~  Okay, this is a thinking post for the big head 🙂  CLICK HERE to listen to the audio of this blog post.

This blog is inspired by a blog comment that got Me thinking about whether it’s a good thing to be so honest in this blog.

Real sex issues

I write a lot of blog posts about real topics and real issues facing us.  Many of My callers who want to bring the fetish fantasy into real life need to at least hear about safety considerations.  Anonymous cock sucking at a glory hole is a super hot FANTASY ….. hmmmm, but it’s not such a good idea in real life!  Now, you might decide to do various risky things, I know that I run risks in My own personal life.  Public exposure or public humiliation has to be handled vary carefully.  If you ask Me to help you do something risky I’ll want to make sure you at least engage in a little informed decision making.  When I post a blog that puts the breaks on the fantasy, I often worry about being the Mistress of the Hardon Killer.

Real person behind the phone sex

So, I’m asking you.  What kills your hardon or diminishes your erotic pleasure during a phone sex call?  Some of you have told me that the fake ~giggle~ is a downer.  Others say, when it feels like your phone sex operator is just going through the motions.  I totally get that.  These are absolutes in My world.  I listen, I pay attention, you’re not going to get cookie cutter sessions or fake giggles with Me.  BUT…..I got this in a comment and it makes Me think  (and I like that!)  Does knowing I’m more than just ‘one’ thing kill your desire?

Caller likes to keep the sex compartmentalized

Here’s what benner said:

“In my primary relationship, I have been the sexually dominant one. I’ve even enjoyed it and consider myself something of a switch. However, I’d love for my partner to be dominant, so I could explore that with her. My dilemma is my own fear that she’ll think less of me or that her enjoyment of my dominance will be diminished by seeing me submissive. I have that myself. If I know a dominant is a switch, then I don’t enjoy them in their role as much, even in erotic fiction. I worry I could end up undermining both experiences — me dominant, me submissive — by revealing my need for submission. That’s why I call LDW from time to time. All that said, I think this internal factor has made me a better Dom when I need to be.”

So, let Me ask you?  Does it diminish your attraction to Me because you know that Mistress is a Domme, submissive, switch?  Do you back away from the blogs when I talk about cock sucking safety or fetish safety issues?

Do you compartmentalize your sex and desires….or are you someone who wants the total package?  There is NO wrong answer here!  I’m looking for the conversation in the blog comments.

Ms Olivia