It’s time for your erotic confession

Listen to me read you this blog post about using tease and denial to get all your naughty sex secrets.

You know what they say, confession is good for the soul.  Well, that’s true with your erotic confession and your naughty sex secrets. Who knows if that’s good for the soul but it sure is good for your cock, isn’t it? ~laughs~ I guarantee the cuckold confession left this caller … ahem … embarrassed and …. ahem … relieved.

Come in for some very intimate sex therapy.  I’m going to ask you probing questions about your masturbation habits and every single fetish you’ve ever thought about.  And you will tell Mistress.

Why you confess to Mistress

You will tell me all your secrets because you are teased by a very sexy woman.  Tease and denial is my sexy control of choice.  My hand, expertly stroking your hard cock … stopping JUST at the right time.  Let me specify exactly what that right time is:  the right time in any tease and denial play is JUST before you have an uncontrollable orgasm!  Hmmmmmm.  Let’s see just how much you are willing to divulge when your blue balls are aching from extended edging and orgasm denial.

Tease and denial

Awwww …. too bad you’re all tied up and teased … or teased and currently on orgasm denial so you’re not allowed to cum.  I, of course, am NOT on orgasm denial!  ~laughs~ so I’ll just leave you here with your blue balls aching and your body squirming while I go for my girls night out.

Girls night out tease

What’s that sweetie?  You want to know where we’re going?  You want to know if other men will be there?  ~laughs~  We’ll talk about that and so much more when I get home.

What are your masturbation habits?  Tell me all about your kinky sexy thoughts.  I know you have a fetish or two or three or MORE.  Tell me everything.  You know you will … you can’t keep secrets from me.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia