The Choice

He made the choice casually.

He liked to say he was reliable; others knew him to be cautious to a fault.  This particular choice was just one of the many offhand decisions that any person makes each day.  He made the cautious and responsible choice without paying any attention.

How was he to know this one choice would turn into an obsession?

The day started like any other Monday morning.  Penn Station was busy.  He remembers being distracted by his laptop case that weighed down his right shoulder.  His mind filled with thoughts about his presentation the next day.

He remembers being excited about having rare day off in Washington, DC before his meetings. Maybe he’d go to a museum; maybe he’d just wander around the Mall.  It was a lovely, sunny spring day.  He usually planned things out, but this time he decided to play it by ear and see what the day would bring.

He settled into his seat and got to work.  He always worked on the train – he was just that kind of guy.  Then, he dropped his pen and everything changed.

He leaned out into the aisle to pick up his pen and happened to glance up the passageway between the seats.  That’s when he spotted her leg, the elegant, sheer stocking in the shaft of sunlight.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the curve of her calf muscles, the slope of the top of her foot, her toes hidden from view inside the glossy black high-heeled pumps.

“Sexy legs,” he thought, “I should check her out.”  Just as he was about get out of his seat and take a casual stroll up to the front of the crowded car, he glanced down at his full laptop case.   He reluctantly pulled his mind back under control and made the choice to take one last glance through the documents.

As he shifted his legs he realized that the glimpse of her leg and shoe had given him a slight bulge in his slacks.  “Okay, I’m doing it,” he thought putting his laptop to the side.  “I’m going to see who has those amazing legs.”

As his laptop shut down, he leaned out into the aisle.  Yes!  That one leg was still poking slightly into the aisle.  His sharp intake of breath embarrassed him as he saw how her shoe had slipped off her stocking covered heel.  “She’s killing me,” he thought.  “If she’s wearing Cuban heels that means she’s wearing stockings and a garter belt.  Who wears that mid morning on a workday?  I have to meet this woman.”

Still wondering if that great pair of legs belonged to an equally sexy body, the too loud speakers came to life, “Washington, DC, Union Station.  All doors will open on the right side,” intoned the disembodied voice.

He jumped out of his seat but it was too late.  Other morning commuters were crowding the aisle, getting belongings from the overhead and standing at attention to get off the train.

A casual stroll up the aisle wasn’t going to happen.  There was no way he could get up there without making a scene.  That wasn’t really a choice; his nature compelled him to avoid making a scene over something like this.  But, he wanted to see her.  If he could just see her face, he’d be able to get back to normal.  His mind quickly shifted into problem solving mode.

As he stood up, he realized to his chagrin that he still had a sight bulge in his pants.  He looked around as he discretely adjusted himself.  “How embarrassing,” he thought, “One look of a shapely leg and I’ve got a hardon.”

He told himself sternly, “Get it together.” He forced his mind to think about how to meet her.  It seemed simple.   They’d both get off the train and he’d just happen to walk next to her and strike up a conversation.  “That’s what I’ll do,” he thought feeling relieved.

His laptop case shifted on his shoulder so he put it on the floor.  He bent down to tuck his pen in the side pocket and glanced up though the sea of legs.  A flash of glistening nude stockings disappeared under a deep wine colored coat.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the slim stilettos holding up those shapely legs.

Immediately his hardon stiffened as he felt his throbbing cock begin to twitch with a mind of its own .  He looked around as he pulled his laptop case onto his shoulder and around in front, trying to cover up the now very obvious bulge in his suit trousers.

He tried to catch a glimpse of her face through the crush of jostling bodies.  He saw a fleeting movement of blonde hair.  That distinctive wine colored coat tantalized him.

“Oh come on.  Just turn around so I can see your face and get on with my day.” He thought with mounting frustration as the train pulled into the station.

“Okay, what’s Plan B?”  His mind shifted into overdrive to find the solution to his problem.  He thought to himself, “She’ll walk up the aisle to that door, but if I turn around I can go out the door to the back.  I’ll catch up with her on the platform.  It’ll be nice and casual.”

Satisfied with his plan in place, he turned away from her and towards the door in the back of the car, forcing the three people in front of him to turn around as well.

The train rolled to a stop and the door swished open.  He kept leaning forward, willing the people in front to get off the damn train.  He kept glancing back but could only see a brief flash of her red coat.

A thud pulled his attention forward as he realized the people in front of him weren’t moving.  “Get going,” his mind cried impatiently, his body shifting from one foot to the other, his swollen balls rubbing on his thighs.

“What?  You’ve gotta be kidding me,” he realized his mistake immediately as he looked at the person struggling to get two pieces of heavy luggage wedged into the top bin.”  Plan B might not work the way he’s planned.

“Okay,” he thought, “I’ll catch up to her in the station or at the very latest, she’ll be out front.  This can still work.”

He glanced back the other way to see the red coat pause in the doorway.  The bodies blocking his view shifted and suddenly he could see her.

“Ohhhhhh damn, she’s amazing,” he stood stock still feeling his cock twitch.  He couldn’t tear his gaze away from the curve of her slim neck, her hair in an elegant chignon, the slim earrings swinging slightly back and forth.  He realized her face was turning towards the back of the car.  “She’s so beautiful,” he thought as her glance took in the whole view at his end.  Their eyes locked.   A deep red blush began to bloom on his face as he saw her mouth begin to curve in a slight smile.

“What is she thinking?  Does she notice me?  Can she tell I’m blushing?  She can’t see my hardon but why is she smiling like that?  Can she tell I’m looking at her?  She is so beautiful.  Those eyes.  Those lips.”

He realized his mouth is hanging slightly open and he clamped it shut, gulping a swallow, as he stared at her.

She held his gaze for just a moment too long and her lips began to curve further up.

His mind raced, “Is she smiling at me?  What is she thinking?  Can she tell I want to meet her, need to meet her, and must meet her? Does she know how I’m feeling?”

She slowly turned away and disappeared from view.

He turned back and forth, felt the adrenaline rush.  “Should I turn around and go forward out the same door or wait here and go out my door?  Oh wait, my line is moving.  I’ll catch up to her in the station.  I can make it.  I’ll run after her as soon as these idiots move out of the way.”

“Come on, come on,” he almost muttered out loud as the logjam finally broke and he stumbled down onto the platform.  His eyes wide and agitated took in the platform at a glance.

She was gone.

He began to move quickly now, dodging around people then standing frustrated and unable to race up the crowded elevator.   “Come on, come on,” he chanted out loud.  He was now moving fast, not caring how he looked.  Other people turned, startled to see him racing through the open cavern of Union Station towards the doors.

He slammed through the heavy, orate door into the sunlight skidding to a stop and frantically looking around the curb area.  “She has to be here,” he pleaded silently.

A flash of red caught his attention.  His eyes widen as the coat is drawn into the back seat of the black town car.  He just stood there, gulping air, as he watched that long leg disappear when the driver shut the door.

He remembered that he immediately sprung into action.  “I can still catch her, at this point I don’t even care what she thinks.  I just have to meet this woman,” he thinks.  “I’ll grab a cab and follow her, I’ve got to try’ I can’t let her get away.”

He ran to the first taxi.  The man in charge of the cab stand line blocked his way, “Line starts back there,” he pointed firmly.

“But, I have to follow that car,” he sputterd, looking up to see the town car pull away from the curb.

“Yeah, you’re in a hurry, you and everyone else.  Get in line.”

His shoulder slumped as he walked back to the end of the line, dreaming of those long legs, sheer stockings, perfect ankle, and sexy high heels.  His cock began to swell again, pushing out and starting to drip precum.

He knew how the presentation would go.  He’d worked hard.  He was prepared.  It was just work and he was good at it.  That choice to take one last look at his notes wouldn’t make any difference.  But, that woman was the type of woman who does make a difference.

“Hey buddy, you’re next,” the cab line attendant’s shout broke into his mental turmoil.

He moved forward and heard the attendant grumble, “Yeah, everyone is in a hurry.  But, you gotta pay attention.”

“You’re right,” he thought ruefully, “I need to pay attention to the things that really matter.”

It was one of many simple decisions he would make over a lifetime.  If he knew that one choice would haunt him, he would have paid attention.