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I recently did a blog post about my phone sex reviews and some of you are sending the best comments!  THANK YOU! Now let’s talk about sexy texting.

Most of your reviews are are comments after your erotic phone call but this comment is after a sexy texting session.

sexy texting

I’m going to highlight this comment because: 1. I like it and 2. it gives me an opportunity to talk about sexy texting.

Sexy texting is different from your phone call and requires different skills.  For one thing, I TYPE fast!  ~laughs~  Seriously, that matters in a sexy texting session.

I got this follow up after our sexy texting session.

if I may Mistress
i would like to say
not as an admiring sub
but as a business man
that you are very good at what you do

you are VERY active on your blog
lots of new content
great pictures
your secret pictures
and you are so engaging during a texting session!

Thank you and here’s how you can get your own sexy texting session!  Remember, these sessions give you my undivided attention, expertise and explicit conversation.  They are VERY different from the interaction where I’m multi tasking between calls.

In fact, I get frustrated that I’m not able to concentrate on you when you pop up in IM so I have moved the hello and how are you kinds of IMs to my email.

between sessions with Mistress

I study the Science of Attention and have created a system that works best for me.  I never want to limit your interaction between sessions and prefer email to IM for these kinds of Hi/how are you types of things.  If you would like to read more about Ms Olivia and the Science of Attention you can learn my thinking and why I keep IM primarily for texting sessions.

Now…..have YOU done a texting session?  I’d love to hear your reaction!  ~smiles~

Ms Olivia