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Is there is single item of clothing that makes you go…..Ohhhhhhhh!?

If you’re like most people, then chances are you’ve have something that really gets you aroused!  I’d like to know what it is 🙂

I also posted that question in our adult social networking site Enchantrix Empire. I’m always curious about YOU.  What types of things arouse you.  How you express your individualized erotic desires.  When and where you find your erotic pleasures.

Stockings and panty hose

There are so many of you that adore panties that I was surprised that the option of stockings was the number one response for the favorite item of clothing!  I know I’m not alone in My love of silky, sexy stockings.  In fact, some of you have experienced the sweet frustration of My silky stockings in My tease and denial cock stroking games.  In fact, when I slip on a pair of nylons then I do go into cock teasing mode!  ~grinz~  And, I know that some of you are simply unable to resist My lovely, long legs and sexy high heels.

What’s your favorite item of clothing on the Experienced Mistress?  Or on YOU?

I’d like your comments here or, of course, you can always call Me and tell Me ALL about it!  *wink*  And, you know you want to call, don’t you?  ~smiles~ and hands you a pair of stockings!

Ms Olivia