Do you like high, spike heels?   I confess, I have a shoe fetish…I love shoes …. from strapy sandals to thigh high boots ….  open toed patent leather, glitter and sequin covered, ultra thin leather …. I always loved shoes.  If you love shoes as much as I do and want to go shopping with Me, call Me and I’ll make sure you’ve got the shoes to complete your lovely sissy clothes.

Did I mention I thought my foot fetish was all about the shoes?   Well, it’s not *just* about the shoes.

I love to have My feet adored during a kinky phone sex session.  I have several footslaves who are bringing Me to new levels of Pleasure.  One in particular will do anything (and I do mean anything) for My Pleasure.  We have been doing some fabulous strapon play as my feet cradle his face.  He goes down on my strapon as I guide his mouth, his tongue, his hands ….. I know just what to do with him … and he, literally, laps it up!

And now …. my sweet little strapon sucker is starting to learn to suck real cock.  He’s going to be a lovely sissy cocksucker when I’m done with him.  And, it all started with a fascination with my lovely long legs tapering into elegant shoes.  *giggle*  Of course, once he starts stroking my legs, sliding my shoes off, caressing my foot, running his tongue up the curve of my arch …. well, let’s just say, he’ll do anything I want.

Wouldn’t YOU?  Of course you would …. for the promise of pleasure, ultimate pleasure, ….  especially the forbidden pleasure of being *forced* to explore the wonderful world of hard cocks… hmmmm…. wouldn’t you be interested, enticed, curious …… of course you would.  In fact, you’re thinking about it right now aren’t you?  Of course you are…so call Me and let’s PLAY!

kisses, Olivia

For a phone session with Me, call – 1-800-356-6169