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Ladies, welcome to a new special feature to this blog called Femme Fridays. Today, I announce something I created just for you …. Femme Flights!

I’ll be your Captain Olivia who can pilot you anywhere in the world for your very special crossdressing fantasy and delicious girl talk.

Sissy Gets Stewardess Training

I know that the naughty sissy needs training.  You need a place to aim all that …. ahem … energy that you have!  ~grinz~  What better way than to fly the very friendly skies on Ms Olivia’s Femme Flights!  You can learn all aspects of taking care of the passengers.  If you make a mistake, you might have to be punished.  Femme Flights has exacting standards!  I’ll be taking applications in the comments section or you can simply call for your special interview.

Crossdressers and Your Dream Vacation

Haven’t you wanted to be able to live out your dream while dressed as YOU know yourself to be?  I’ve talked with so many of you about this, I’ve created this as a place to create your wildest dreams and most fulfilling fantasies!  What will YOU pack in your suitcase?   This Experienced Mistress says to make sure to pack lip gloss because that is one of My personal must haves on any flight.

In Flight Conversations that Make a Difference

During our time together, we can (and DO) talk about anything.  Like all girls, we can shop, laugh, talk dirt and get serious all in the same conversation.  This feature will be the same.  I’ll post on some topics that are unique to My femme sweethearts.  I hope that others who are into other fetishes, like cock control, can read this part of the blog and understand our femme community better.

Are you ready to go?  Let’s start with your dream vacation!  Where will you go?  What will you wear?  What will you DO?

All aboard!

Ms Olivia