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Hello pets!  I have returned from the City that Never Sleeps … and YES, I had a whirlwind experience in New York City!  ~smiles~

Ahhhh, I love the Big Apple and did indeed take a bite outta that luscious goodness!  But, I’m so glad to get back with y’all and get our naughty on with some wonderful phone sex fantasies and erotic playtime!  When I take any time off, it might be hard to connect with Me on the phone because I’m even busier than usual, but keep trying and we’ll be sure to catch one another!

For now though, writing about Gotham City reminds Me of the Super Hero and kink couple of blogs that remain hugely popular!  If you haven’t seen them take a look.  They’re funny and sexy and never fail to make Me laugh out loud!  Almost made Me want to have a vacation in Hooterville!  ~laughs~  You’ll see what I mean!

Speaking of nicknames for New York City….what about the Empire City?  Hmmmmm, NYC was great, but I will say it didn’t hold a candle to our own Enchantrix Empire!  If you haven’t signed up for our free adult social networking site, then you’re missing tons of fun here in LDW-land!


Ms Olivia