Well!  When I wrote the earlier posting I was …. ummmmm …. feeling punny and playing with words …. and apparently I’ve struck a chord with many of you …. especially those who are “ass men” …. who love to worship a lovely ass.

So ….. just like in school …. since this was an assignment let’s look at your grades.  Hmmmmm.  Come here sweetie, just a little closer … oh look, I dropped my pen and I’ll just ‘have’ to bend over reaching all the way down to get it…of course, I don’t bend my knees so my short skirt rides up exposing the soft curve of my asscheeks right in front of you.  I glance around and I can see what my moves are doing to you … there’s a nice bulge in your pants …. ahhhh, that’s for ME isn’t it?  Yes, I can make your balls ache and your whole lower body tremble with an-ti-ci-pa-tion … just by moving my hips…..like *this* …. ummmmm….yes, like *this*.

So far, the lovely *students* were so VERY attentive … I do believe you get an A …. ~grinz~ …. and I know how HARD you work…..yes, this is one homework assignment that won’t get relegated to the excuse pile.  And sweetie, practice DOES make perfect …. so call Me again to further *explore* this whole lovely scenario.

I do know that once you start thinking about this and tingling …. and imagining …. and wanting … and yearning for My luscious body …. well, that is how I control your cock …. and I DO control you don’t I? ….. Ummmmm I love that … I love to tell you HOW and WHEN you are to cum for Me.  It’s phone sex at its best.  🙂


Olivia ….. 1-800-356-6169